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Rafting on the Hudson River

This story is about rafting on the Hudson River in New York State.

Words: 818   Downloads: 0   Category: Water Sports   By: Ted Greene

How to Protect Your Boat Lift and Dock from Summer Storms

This article gives a quick overview of how to keep a boat lift, dock, and seawall protected and in good condition during storm (and hurricane) season. It explains why you should, for example, never leave a boat on a lift during a storm unless you have no other choice. The article could be useful for marinas, boat salesmen, dock builders, and similar companies seeking to educate their customers about proper boat storage.

Words: 692   Downloads: 0   Category: Water Sports   By: Jennifer R. Povey

Why Tombstoning is Dangerous

Tombstoning is the vertical diving into deep water. It is a hazardous activity that results in several fatalities and life changing injuries each year. This article highlights why this activity is dangerous and should be avoided.

Words: 571   Downloads: 0   Category: Water Sports   By: RachaelRR

How to Buy Your First Wetsuit Online

So, you've decided to buy a wetsuit for the first time, but there are no stores close by where you can try it on before buying. Given that the fit of a wetsuit is almost certainly going to be the difference between wearing it and not, it's imperative that you get this purchase right. Read on to know what to look for when buying a wetsuit and how to make the right choice.

Words: 1093   Downloads: 0   Category: Water Sports   By: Jane Darragh

Diver's Buying Guide: Dive Computer

This article details important considerations when purchasing a dive computer. It differentiates between different types of dive computers available. In addition, it highlights the important features of modern dive computers. Note that this article does not specifically review dive computers in the market.

Words: 1593   Downloads: 0   Category: Water Sports   By: sandyyoung

Helping Your Kid Through Their First Wipeout

If you live near the coast, your kid may want to pursue the sport of surfing, which is a great way to maintain fitness and learn balance and patience. However, the learning process also involves being tossed around by the sea. When your kid wipes out for the first time, they may come running to you for comfort. Here is what you need to know to properly address that situation.

Words: 591   Downloads: 0   Category: Water Sports   By: Owl Intermedia

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