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9 Farmhouse Decorating Ideas for Your Home

Farmhouse decor is a way to make your home feel like it was built in the 1800’s. It will also give it a warm, comfy feel. Looking for ideas to create your own farmhouse decor? Here are 9 ways to get the look without spending a lot of money.

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7 Small Porch Ideas (Turn a Small Porch Into a Sanctuary)

Don't let the size of your porch get in the way of its potential. Here are 7 ideas for turning a small porch into a sanctuary from the chaos of everyday life.

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The Advantages of Automated Shades

Many different window coverings are available from regular blinds and shades to automated window treatments. Automated shades offer several advantages that manual window coverings do not. This article details six ways that motorized shades will benefit your home.

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Painting Options for Renters

Renters want to personalize their living space but often feel limited by what they can do, especially when it comes to painting walls. But paint is still the most effective and economical way to crush a makeover. From furniture to art and accessories (and with permission, even walls), nothing transforms a place like paint.

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10 Home Décor Hacks for Cheapskates

You do not have to break the bank to make your home look like a million bucks. With a few simple upgrades and a bit of creativity, you can make your home a showplace on even the smallest of budgets. This article takes a look at 10 easy and budget-friendly home decor hacks every cheapskate is sure to love.

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Why a Minimalist Closet is Everything

Having a minimalist closet can seem scary to a lot of people, conjuring up images of a few sad t-shirts blowing in a vast empty space. But the reality is just the opposite. By finding out what clothes you love to wear and eliminating the rest, you will not only discover your own personal style, but save money, time and enjoy total freedom in the simple pursuit of less.

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