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7 Reasons Not to Get a Body Piercing

Are you on the fence about whether to get a body piercing? Give it some thought first! Here are 7 reasons you might not want to get a body piercing.

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Static Wrinkles vs. Dynamic Wrinkles: How Do They Differ?

There are two basic types of wrinkles: static and dynamic. The treatment for each differs. In this article, you'll discover how static and dynamic wrinkles differ from each other, and how you can prevent and treat each.

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10 Ways You Can Fight Acne

Acne can be stubborn if you don’t deal with it the right way. A number of alternatives exist, however, and it can help to try different methods to see what works for you. This article offers 10 ideas.

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Face Yoga: A Natural Way to Healthier, Younger Looking Skin

Face yoga is a new, all-natural beauty trend for a younger, radiant complexion. It is free and safe to do and improves the health of your muscles and skin cells. It can also help reduce the severity of acne by promoting lymphatic drainage. This article explores the practice of face yoga, how it works, the importance of regular practice, and the numerous beauty and health benefits.

Words: 460   Downloads: 0   Category: Beauty   By: Jennifer Considine

5 Myths About Essential Oils That Are Damaging Your Skin 

Should you be using esssential oils as part of your skincare routine? Before you decide, learn the truth about these 5 common essential oil myths.

Words: 521   Downloads: 0   Category: Beauty   By: Anna Cottrell

5 Ways to Reduce Facial Acne

Acne is a skin condition that many people struggle with at some point in their lives. Miracle treatments don’t work, so this article goes over tips for long-term changes one can make to reduce or eliminate acne. It includes information about how washing helps, what consistency of products to use for specific skin types, common acne reducing ingredients, foods that affect acne, face-touching, and the effects of the sun on acne.

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