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Summertime Safety for Children: Commonly Asked Questions

This article contains several questions and their respective answers regarding children's safety in the summer time. The main focus of this particular article is on water dangers (e.g., swimming and slipping) and heat exhaustion.

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Sizing a Christening Gown

Choosing the right size for a christening gown doesn't have to be difficult. One of the most important measurements is the chest. Chest size can make a big difference between a comfortable baby and one who doesn't want to be in a good mood for their big day.

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Helping Kids Save Money: 7 Practical Step Parents Can Take

If you want your kids to be successful, teaching them about money, finances and saving at a young age is obviously a smart thing to do. Helping kids save money is not as complicated as you might think, and as a parent there are plenty of things you can do to encourage sound financial habits. This article takes a look at seven of those practical actions, so you can give your kids the monetary head start they need.

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Someone’s in the Kitchen with Grandma—Teaching Kids Using Recipes

Grandmothers want their grandkids to enjoy life as well as to have the skills to be successful in it. Spending time together in her kitchen making a recipe offers a wonderful opportunity for laughter and learning to be combined. Lessons about organization, paying attention to details, and following directions easily flow from hands on kitchen activities with grandma.

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Five Affordable Ways To Keep Kids Busy During Summer

For parents, the free time of summer can be challenging. Parents need ways to keep their kids busy without spending too much. This article offers five practical ways to keep kids busy during summer, including playing outside, reading, and arts and crafts.

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The Differences Between Daycare and Preschool

Both preschool and daycare can form part of a child’s earliest experiences away from home. When you’re a new parent, there may be some confusion on which service offers what. This article clears up the differences between preschool and daycare so you know when you should send your child to each type of program.

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