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Social Blunders That Sabotage Your Likability

This insightful article describes social blunders like humble bragging and double standards. Once learned and avoided, they can ramp up everyone’s likability. Not recognizing them is a costly mistake!

Words: 425   Downloads: 0   Category: Psychology   By: Bridget Webber

What Is Sustainable Farming?

Sustainable farming is a new way of farming that harnesses nature's processes to create long-term solutions that work for farmers, their families, and our planet. Find out what it is and why it’s so beneficial for planetary health.

Words: 873   Downloads: 0   Category: Environmental   By: Dr. Kristie

The Cashless Effect: Why Credit Cards Make It So Difficult to Budget

This article is about the cashless effect, which describes our willingness to spend more money, to buy more things, and to make more impulsive choices if we use credit cards rather than cash. It describes how the bias works and how to avoid it. The article contains references.

Words: 1748   Downloads: 0   Category: Psychology   By: Ann Aarvik

4 Reasons to Stop Relying on Luck and Instead Create Your Destiny

Whether you read a daily horoscope or aim to control your future with feng shui, relying on luck is haphazard, to say the least. This incisive article explains why depending on good fortune could reduce your success. Further, it suggests that people who recognize they shape their destiny have more power to create the lives they want.

Words: 393   Downloads: 0   Category: Psychology   By: Bridget Webber

The Science of Solar -- How Does a Solar Panel Work?

The sun provides more than enough energy to sustain the human race. However, most of this energy goes unused and reflects away into space. Solar panels are one of the ways we use to capture some of this energy to satisfy our needs, but how do they work? This article explains the structure of a solar panel and looks at the role of semiconductor doping within photovoltaic cells.

Words: 602   Downloads: 0   Category: Science   By: Dr Andrew Lakin

How Seaweed Could Be a Global Warming Game-Changer

When people consider the solutions to climate change, they likely won't think of seaweed. However, there are several ways this marine plant can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. This article explores four crucial aspects where seaweed can help in the fight against climate change and explains how each benefit arises.

Words: 622   Downloads: 0   Category: Environmental   By: Dr Andrew Lakin

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