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Sharia Law and Homosexuality: Malaysia's Backward Step

Malaysia plans to implement stricter anti-LGBTQ rights in the name of Islam. However, Islam does not specifically prohibit homosexuality. This piece delves into a small history of Islam's view on homosexuality, and how religious scripture is often misinterpreted.

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Interfaith Marriages, Blended Families: to Bar Mitzvah – or Not?

Interfaith marriage, blended family: doesn't sound like the ideal environment for a bar mitzvah. However, it is possible to have the ceremony for your child even in such circumstances. Read on to find out how.

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Turning 13: the Bar Mitzvah Journey

A bar mitzvah is an ancient religious rite which celebrates the first steps that young men and women take towards maturity. You want to celebrate with your child by throwing them a bar mitzvah, but, before you go charging head first into something that your son doesn't want, be sure to consider they will go through. This article highlights the ancient rite of bar mitzvah and gives parents the opportunity to present it to their children empathetically.

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To Mitzva or Not to Mitzva - That is the Question.

You a parent of a son or daughter turning 13 in a multi-faith household. Do you go for a bar/barmitzva or not? It's important to consider many things including your own attitude and relationship with your religion, the real meaning of the bar/barmitzva, and whether it can be relevant to your son or daughter. Ultimately, if you consider it a gift, this is something you can pass on to them that will have meaning in their lives.

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Interfaith Marriages and Bar/bat Mitzvahs: Should You Hold One for Your Child?

This 1000w+ article highlights the challenges facing interfaith families and the decision on holding a bat/bar mitzvah. It outlines the steps a family needs to take to ensure that the decision is made in an open, transparent and inclusive manner that prioritizes family unity and harmony. The article finishes by providing a guide on how the family should implement a 'yes' or 'no' decision civilly and respectfully.

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Turning 13

Turning 13 (or 12 for girls) is a rather remarkable milestone in almost every household but more so in Jewish households. At this age, pre-pubescent teens get to partake in the wonderful practice of the Bar/Bat Mitzvah: a Jewish custom that welcomes them into the responsibilities and privileges of Jewish Adulthood. This article seeks to edify the minds of Jewish moms in interfaith families who may be wondering whether or not they should introduce their families to this aspect of their faith.

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