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Five Forbidden Islands of the Pacific

Many Pacific islands have fascinating, odd and even tragic histories. Events on some of these islands have resulted in visitors being banned. Although tourists can't travel to these forbidden islands, learning about their history and present-day status will lead to an enriched understanding of the Pacific region. This article takes readers on a virtual journey to five islands in the Pacific Ocean that are off-limits to visitors.

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From Boating to Bungee Jumping: Outdoor Adventures in New Zealand

New Zealand's stunning natural scenery, with a diverse array of beaches, mountains, rain forests and fjords, provides an ideal setting for outdoor pursuits. This article gives an overview of seven of the most popular outdoor activities in New Zealand – tramping, boating, scuba diving, winter sports, mountain biking, surfing and bungee jumping – including highlights and suggestions that will help visitors plan their trip. The article concludes with some general tips about outdoor activities in New Zealand.

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Forest Airtime

Canopy Tours in Rotorua, New Zealand, offers a unique experience. Zipwires threaded high above the ground fly the tourist over millennia-old native bush. Having never been milled, the forest is totally natural.

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Basic Facts About New Zealand

Peaceful open spaces, spectacular natural beauty, a wide range of outdoor activities, and warm, friendly locals - all of this and much more can be found in New Zealand. This article introduces the reader to New Zealand and contains 17 basic facts about the country. It encourages the reader to visit New Zealand. It would be suitable for a travel website, blog or publication.

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About Tasmania

This is an article about the state of Tasmania. The article is mainly focused on the geography, history and culture of the state. It consists of three paragraphs about the state. It is about 260 words.

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