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Chickens That Lay Blue Eggs

Want colorful eggs, without the dye? Some chickens naturally lay blue eggs; these unusual birds add a fresh burst of color to your laying boxes and fridge and are an ideal addition to any flock. Discover why some eggs are blue, where the blue color comes from and which breeds reliably produce blue eggs. Ideal for a home, chicken, homestead or pet blogger or site, this piece includes a reader friendly and entertaining look at the science behind blue egg laying chickens. | Read More →

Words: 1576   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: SMcNesby

Pets to Get When You Can't Have a Dog or Cat

If you or someone in your household ever wanted a pet, but you can't have a cat or dog, remember that many other animals can make wonderful companions. You don't have to stick with what everyone else has. The following animals in this 1,071-word article suit a variety of situations and personalities, so you can be assured to find the ones to fit your lifestyle. | Read More →

Words: 1071   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: Alexandra Heep

Do You Know What You're Feeding Your Pooch? Why Good Dog Food Matters

Obesity, diabetes, nutrient deficiencies, and even cancer are all possible outcomes when people don't know what they are feeding their pets. Here is the basic yet important information a pet owner should know when selecting their dogs' food. The dangerous ingredients to avoid and the good ones they want to see are listed. Human foods given as snacks, good and bad, are also listed. The goal is to inform and educate pet owners so that every beloved animal stays happy and in good health. | Read More →

Words: 652   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: Lilith B. Ellen

How to Introduce a Pet Cat to Your Dog

About 17 percent of pet owners have both a cat and a dog, making it a popular option for those seeking to add a furry friend to their household. However, pet introductions need to be planned and take time. This article lists how to introduce a cat to your dog. | Read More →

Words: 483   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: Quentin Arthur

Real-Life Baby Dragons – Olms in Slovenia

A fun, quirky and informative introduction to the strange creatures known locally as "baby dragons" - the olms. Cousins of axolotls, these blind, pale creatures are only found underwater in dark caves flowing through south-western Europe, especially in Postojna Caves beneath mountains in Slovenia. 17th-century locals believed they were the spawn of a fearsome dragon living within the cave system. This article highlights interesting facts about the olms and how to visit them in Slovenia. | Read More →

Words: 658   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: Carla Hawk

Easy to Care for Pet Reptiles for Kids

This article describes presents information on types of reptiles that are suitable pets for kids. Easy to care for snakes and lizard breeds are discussed along with the requirements for habitats. The care and feeding for each type of reptile is also covered. | Read More →

Words: 611   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: jcnash

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