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Building a Catio: The Perfect Space for Your Cat

Catios are a great way to add enrichment to your cat's life. This article provides information to cat owners who may not know what a catio is, or are on the fence about it. Learn about why catios are a great addition to your home and if DIY or premade models are best.

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24 Signs of Heat Stroke in Dogs You Must Pay Attention To

This is a fun but important listicle, detailing 24 signs of heatstroke in dogs that you'll need to pay attention to in the summer months. It includes a section on what heatstroke is, and what to do if your dog starts showing signs of heatstroke.

Words: 1970   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: Melanie Ashford

Small Spaces: Living with Pets

Being a pet owner has unlimited benefits to one's health and well-being; however, the animal's well-being is also important. Choosing the right pet for a particular living situation is a key consideration, especially for condo or apartment dwellers. This article offers points to consider when choosing a pet to live in small spaces.

Words: 440   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: C.C. Skylar

Finding the Right Toy for Your Dog 

This article explains how to go about finding a good toy for your dog. It considers the different types of toy available, and how they are right for different types of dog. There's a solution for everyone here!

Words: 689   Downloads: 0   Category: Pets and Animals   By: Jay Henry

Ten Tips for Keeping Your Dog Healthy  

Do you have a dog? This article is for dog owners. It gives the reader ten tips to help keep their dog healthy and extend its lifespan.

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10 Great Dog Breeds for Older People  

This article is for senior citizens searching for an appropriate pet dog. It describes 10 of the best dog breeds for older people. It also explains why each breed is suited to older people.

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