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Get Started With the Rules of Texas Hold ’Em Poker

This outlines the basic rules for playing a game of Texas Hold 'Em poker. It explains the sequence of play from the blinds through the flop, turn, and river, to the showdown. It also introduces some of the game's terminology, such as call, check, raise, and fold, as well as the ideas of buttons, blinds, and burning cards.

Words: 1451   Downloads: 0   Category: Games   By: DrJohn

The Word on Wordle

This article will discuss the uber-popular online word game, Wordle, and why it is currently trending. How do you play Wordle and what are the rules? Who is the game's designer, Josh Wardle, and what was his deal with the New York Times?

Words: 529   Downloads: 0   Category: Games   By: Howard Carter

Is It Too Soon for Pokémon Generation 9?

Recently, the Pokémon Company announced the latest edition of their mainline titles. However, some fans are concerned about the timing. Is the Pokémon Company really ready for another big game, or will these new titles flop?

Words: 536   Downloads: 0   Category: Games   By: Ollie V

Video Game Review: Samurai Warriors 5 Through the Lens of History

This piece is a look at Koei Tecmo's "Samurai Warriors 5" and its story as it pertains to history, giving readers insight as to what to expect from the game's story and its departure from earlier installments in the series. The article reviews the timeframe of the game's content, characters who are involved and their motivations in the game, and how gameplay has changed in this new entry to a longstanding franchise. Samurai Warriors 5 is a reboot of a 17-year-old series.

Words: 869   Downloads: 0   Category: Games   By: Rob Nugent

5 Novice Tips for Playing Pokémon GO Five Years Later

Five tips are offered for the app game Pokémon GO. These tips are intended for new or returning players, and mainly focus on features that have been added to the game post-launch.

Words: 1252   Downloads: 0   Category: Games   By: Janine Mosher

Winning Monopoly: 7 Tips and Strategies

Monopoly is enjoyed by families across the world, but the game is usually won by the same players. Although Monopoly does involve elements of luck, you can learn to become a better player. This article offers seven tips and strategies to help you improve your chances of winning consistently.

Words: 530   Downloads: 0   Category: Games   By: jlsmith

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