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10 Ways Writers Can Cash in on the Nft Craze

Collectors have been paying big bucks for non-fungible tokens, tiny slivers of digital art, sports memorabilia and other intangible goods. In some cases these works of digital and custom art have sold for millions of dollars, and many creative types are anxious to cash in. This article takes a look at how writers can claim their share, along with 10 ideas for getting started. | Read More →

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Tracy-QACC-Test-Article-Private-Request-May2021-4 This is about dog 4 The generally accepted earliest dog remains were discovered in Bonn-Oberkassel, Germany. Contextual, isotopic, genetic, and morphological evidence shows that this dog was not a local wolf.[23] The dog was dated to 14,223 years ago and was found buried along with a man and a woman, all three having been sprayed with red hematite powder and buried under large, thick basalt blocks. The dog had died of canine distemper.[24] Earlier remains dating back to 30,000 years ago have been described as Paleolithic dogs but their status as dogs or wolves remains debated[25] because considerable morphological diversity existed among wolves during the Late Pleistocene.[1] | Read More →

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Stubborn Weight That You Cannot Lose? There Could Be a Hormonal Imbalance Behind It.

Many overweight people have tried to lose weight time and time again to no avail. A hormonal imbalance could be the reason why. Read further to find out. | Read More →

Words: 357   Downloads: 0   Category: Creative Writing   By: coffeeplus

How to Handle a Dry Spell in Your Writing

Writer's block is no joke; especially if you have an upcoming deadline for a writing project. You can either sit staring at a blank screen or page, or you can do something productive to handle this dry spell. This article shares four steps you can take to help you get through this period of writer's block. | Read More →

Words: 684   Downloads: 0   Category: Creative Writing   By: Joanne Troppello

Dark Night in Nottingham

Finishing my second pint of strong boxed cider, I left out the already-open back gate having lost my front door keys some days before. I had a quarter pouch of rolling tobacco in my back pocket, twenty-five-pounds in my front and plans to meet my mate Tom on the tennis team’s night out and later my oldest friend George and his flatmate Lena.  Hours later I had caught up with George and Lena at Canal Bar. After several shots and vodka mixes, all of us were sloppy and Lena was all over the place, accidentally-on-purpose falling backwards into a group dancing behind us in what looked like a half-assed attempt at a stage dive.  The closing lights flickered on some time after 3am illuminating the messy scene in a sterile, hospital glow, but I was in no mind to keep track of time. Looking around at the sea of people on the dance floor, I saw Lena fall back once more but this time - perhaps due to the lack of music - the group were not ready to receive her and she fell flat on the floor with a sickening slap. What followed was a complete mess… | Read More →

Words: 620   Downloads: 0   Category: Creative Writing   By: Dec

Oh, What a Night

When I was 18, my friends and I had one terrifying yet amazing night. Although we did things that we should have, we learned from them. The experiences of that night strengthened the bonds between us for a lifetime. | Read More →

Words: 506   Downloads: 0   Category: Creative Writing   By: Vida Harrison

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