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How to Calculate a Tip (And Other Helpful Math Tricks)

Learn how to calculate a tip, a sale price, or even your own average hourly work wage using simple math calculations. You can always use an app or a calculator, but many times it can be faster (and more impressive) to do simple math calculations mentally.

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How to Solve Any Math Problem in Four Simple Steps

Most people understand that math is all about patterns, formulas, and systems. Once you understand those patterns, formulas, and systems, all math problems become easier. This article explains that any math problem -- no matter how complex -- can be broken down into four core steps: Understand, plan, work, and check. By systematically working through these four steps, even those who struggle with math can learn to be excellent mathematicians.

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Cool Math Transformation Tricks to Teach Your Kids

The word transformation itself strikes fear in the heart of math students. This article explains the most common methods of transformation in math. Students can learn how different shapes transform, change and replicate to create various versions of the original shape.

Words: 503   Downloads: 0   Category: Math   By: Dakota O'Brien

You'll Love These Measurement Experiments for Kids

The article focuses on different types of measurement options. Students learn to measure temperature, speed and area. Additionally, a discussion of estimation is included so students can learn to gauge whether their results are accurate.

Words: 529   Downloads: 0   Category: Math   By: Dakota O'Brien

Goals & Objectives for Sixth-Grade Math

The Common Core State Initiative Standards provide several guidelines for teaching sixth-grade math. This article discusses some of the most important standards and provides parents and students with an overview of what to expect. Students prepare for advanced work by learning about the number system, ratios, proportions, expressions, equations, geometry, statistics and probability.

Words: 598   Downloads: 0   Category: Math   By: Dakota O'Brien

Introduction to Integers

This article gives a brief introduction to the major sets of integers including the Natural Numbers, Whole Numbers, Negative Numbers, and the full set of Integers. It then gives a short tutorial on simple addition and subtraction, including the importance of negative numbers.

Words: 752   Downloads: 0   Category: Math   By: Leigh Westkaff

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