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The Pros and Cons Having a Bird Feeder: Here’s What to Consider

Having a bird feeder is a delightful way to get a dose of nature. But there are upsides and downsides to placing a bird feeder in your backyard. Here are some pros and cons you should be aware of.

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3 Drought-Tolerant Plants That Also Won't Mind the Occasional Downpour

Trying to create an attractive planting scheme but live in an erratic climate? Whatever Mother Nature throws at you -- drought, rain, or late-spring snow -- these drought-tolerant plants are guaranteed to survive.

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Hiking Etiquette for All Trail Blazers

An article about trail etiquette while hiking. This article is for anyone who runs a blog or newsletter about outdoor recreation, hiking, or travel. This article works best for giving some content to your website, but you can always add a relevant CTA.

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Catamount Zip Tour

Here is a short article on the Catamount Aerial Adventures Park in Western Massachusetts’ Berkshires region. It features the sky paths of the aerial park and also "The Catamonster", the longest zip line in the world. It sound like a great adventure place to recommend to vacationers in the Hudson Valley area.

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Forest Bathing: A Natural Remedy for Modern Stress

As modern life becomes increasingly stressful, many people turn to natural stress-relief methods. Among them is forest bathing, a Japanese well-being hack. This article describes forest bathing and looks at the benefits people can expect to gain from practicing. It also suggests ways to make the most of the experience.

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Explore the Hudson Valley Section of the Historic Appalachian Trail

Check out why the Hudson Valley area of the Appalachian Trail is a great place to explore. The article details why it's one of the most convenient areas on the Trail for dipping in and out of hiking, while being close to local conveniences, and suggests different areas and landmarks that are worth exploring.

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