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Here’s Why Too Much Sugar is Bad for You!

There is a growing concern about sugar consumption among the average consumer. While many people understand that excessive sugar consumption is not good, most don't understand why. This article provides clarity to the primary concerns and implications of eating too much sugar.

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Life’s Sweeter with Less Sugar

Sugar is universally accepted as one of the main culprits behind weight gain. Being ubiquitous, it is near impossible to avoid completely as it exists in almost every type of food and drink, factory-made and natural. If you aim to drastically reduce your sugar consumption, this piece should help you take on the challenge with confidence.

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The Best Way to Stop Those Sugar Cravings

Learning how to control sugar cravings can have a massive impact on your overall health outcomes. It is not as hard as it may seem at first, but it does require self-discipline and consistency. This article offers insight into the best way to stop sugar cravings.

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Why Drinking Coffee in Moderation is Good for You  

Do you limit your coffee intake because of the potential side effects? If so, perhaps you should consider drinking an extra coffee each day. This article looks at the health benefits of drinking coffee in moderation.

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Take a Look at Mushrooms for a Healthier Diet

The article contains references to studies that show various health benefits of mushrooms. Various vitamins and minerals are mentioned with their health benefits and their presence in mushrooms. The information is presented to maintain a healthier lifestyle. Specific mushrooms, such as lion's mane, are mentioned with their benefits, such as brain health and dementia prevention.

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Ten Foods That Are Rich in Folate  

Folate is an essential vitamin. This article is for anyone who wants to ensure they get the recommended daily amount of folate. It lists ten foods that contain lots of folate.

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