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Five Tips for Family History Research

The article offers five tips for family history research. The areas of focus are speaking to close relatives; using a genealogy site; contacting cousins; going on location; and DNA testing. The article would be useful as an introduction for those beginning family history research.

Words: 835   Downloads: 0   Category: History   By: MelissaH

A Brief History of the Fur Trade in Canada

This article is a brief history of the fur trade in Canada during the time that the Europeans were settling the country. It deals with who traded, what the motivations behind these trades were, introduces one of the largest European companies, and also presents some interesting facts. It provides an accessible introduction to an interesting topic in the country's history of early settlement.

Words: 596   Downloads: 0   Category: History   By: Nicholas Steinberg

Daredevil Annie Edson Taylor and Her Journey Over the Niagara Falls in a Pickle Barrel

Annie Edson Taylor was the first woman to go over the Niagara Falls in a wooden barrel in 1901, which was an unusual way to celebrate her 63rd birthday. Although she survived to tell the tale, she never did receive the fame and fortune she was seeking. Anyone eager to follow in her footsteps should be warned that regardless of the method of transportation, going over the Niagara Falls is illegal and if you survive it to the bottom, you'll be faced with a hefty fine!

Words: 517   Downloads: 0   Category: History   By: mdavies

5 Funny Events in History That Actually Happened.

Voltaire famously wrote that "history is nothing more than a tableau of crimes and misfortunes." Though history is often filled with serious and tragic events, there is no denying that the past can also be hilarious. This article aims to provide an in-depth but accessible exploration of five funny historical events.

Words: 2012   Downloads: 0   Category: History   By: MemoryWriter

Did You Know a Deep-Sea Diver Saved Winchester Cathedral?

Winchester Cathedral is located in Winchester, England in landlocked Hampshire County. At the turn of the 20th century, this great pre-medieval cathedral was saved a deep-sea diver. This article explains how Winchester Cathedral came to be and the events that led up to the need for such an ingenious solution to keep it from sinking into the swamp underneath.

Words: 647   Downloads: 0   Category: History   By: Danielle Olivia Tefft

Three Facts You Did Not Know About International Clown Week

International Clown Week is designated as the first week of August. This article reviews the law establishing International Clown Week and how it came to be. Then well-known clown Joseph Grimaldi is introduced, followed by a review of coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. The conclusion introduced two additional notable clowns and final words on clown contributions.

Words: 547   Downloads: 0   Category: History   By: Charnell Gilchrist

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