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Constant Content - Where It's Good to be Unique
Constant Content - Where It's Good to be Unique
Constant Content - Where It's Good to be Unique

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Latest Content Added

Three Steps to Growing Your Business

This article outlines a progressive plan for business growth. It's based on three steps: achieving scalability, expanding within existing markets and engaging with new markets. It would be of interest to entrepreneurs and small business owners.

Words: 496   Downloads: 0   Category: Entrepreneurship   By: DL Miller

The Benefits of the Whole30 Program

The new Whole30 program is known for its tough rules and even stricter guidelines. It doesn't take much research into the program to realize that what you can eat is far and away outweighed by what you can't touch for 30 days. However, despite the seeming impossibility of eating only vegetables, fruit and meat, proponents of the Whole30 are quick to point to a myriad of benefits.

Words: 462   Downloads: 0   Category: Nutrition   By: Gail Fero

Mobile-Friendly Websites – Businesses New ‘Must-Have’

Mobile-friendly websites are now an integral part of a business' marketing strategy. Google, as the search engine leader, has implemented new technology that will penalize websites that are not mobile-friendly. This article explains website trends and how they affect business.

Words: 534   Downloads: 0   Category: Marketing   By: Laura Dowers

Choosing the Right Dog Breed

Congratulations, you've decided to buy a dog! But wait, there's still more work to be done. Choosing the right dog for your household isn't as simple as picking the cutest one out there. There's still more to think about and serious considerations to make. How do you choose the right dog for you?

Words: 535   Downloads: 0   Category: Dogs   By: Gail Fero

Start Podcasting to Increase Your Business Reputation and Reach

As a business owner, you are constantly looking for innovative ways to reach an audience. Podcasts are fairly common nowadays, but they still represent a way of building a solid relationship with a large number of potential customers. While many people will be reluctant to begin podcasting, this article details a simple plan to get your podcast off the ground.

Words: 702   Downloads: 0   Category: Online Business   By: Richard Williams

Stop That Tweet! 3 Essential Actions to Take Before You Tweet

This article offers insights on three actions brand marketers should take prior to tweeting. Integrating these three Twitter tips into a social media outreach strategy can significantly increase a tweet's reach.

Words: 265   Downloads: 0   Category: Business   By: HiredGunWriting

The New Webmaster Spam: Referral Spam

Referrer spam is a blackhat marketing technique that spoofs user agents and tricks webmasters into visiting a malicious web host. This referrer spam shows up in your traffic reports such as Google Analytics, and some webmasters are concerned that the spam affects SEO and search engine rank. This article describes referrer spam and how you can deal with it.

Words: 754   Downloads: 0   Category: Internet   By: Lysis

Three Reasons Why Summer Is the Best Time To Get Fit

Summer, when nature comes alive and the weather is pleasant, is perfectly suited to an active lifestyle. As such, the season provides the perfect opportunity to get in shape. This article provides three good reasons for why summer is the best time to get fit.

Words: 340   Downloads: 0   Category: Fitness   By: Carlton Ryan

Using a Debit Card Intelligently: Five Basic Tips

This practical article provides basic tips on safe and intelligent debit card use. As such, this article will be useful to first-time debit cardholders and anyone else who needs help using their debit card properly.

Words: 464   Downloads: 0   Category: Personal Finance   By: Carlton Ryan

Blogging Made Easy: How to Make Your Blog Stand Out from the Crowd

Ready to launch your brand's new blog? It's important that you take the steps necessary to make your blog stand out from the crowd. This article shows you how to create and launch a successful blog.

Words: 530   Downloads: 0   Category: Business Dev.   By: Bethany Jones

Is Peer-to-Peer Lending a Good Investment Opportunity?

This article covers the potential of peer-to-peer lending as an investment opportunity. It gives some background on what peer-to-peer lending actually is, and then discusses it in comparison to traditional savings accounts and stocks in terms of risk and potential for profit. In addition, a strategy for best managing default risk is discussed.

Words: 567   Downloads: 0   Category: Finance   By: D. Ryan

Signs Your Aging Parent Needs Assisted Living

Caring for aging parents requires careful monitoring of the small changes that reveal their need for additional help. This article looks at some of the signs that show that indicate more intensive care, such as assisted living, might be necessary to ensure their health and safety.

Words: 543   Downloads: 0   Category: Aging   By: J. Lang Wood

Living Abroad: 5 Ways to Manage Better

In an increasingly global world, many people have the chance to live abroad. Though it can be a daunting experience, it's also a stimulating one. Everyone handles the difficulties and challenges differently but there are certain things you can do to help prepare yourself both before and during to have the best experience living abroad can offer you.

Words: 643   Downloads: 0   Category: Lifestyles   By: Gail Fero

Create a Culture of Excellence in Your Small Business

Creating a culture of excellence starts with recruiting and training the right caliber of people. Companies with a high portion of hard working and dedicated employees are generally successful. The recruiting, hiring, training and retention of highly capable employees are vital to the creation of a culture of excellence.

Words: 303   Downloads: 0   Category: Human Resources   By: Emilmuller

10 Spices That Aid in Weight Loss

With so many people struggling to lose weight, it is always a benefit to find natural ways to aid in the weight loss process. There are a number of herbs and spices that can aid in weight loss. This article highlights eight spices and herbs that aid in weight loss.

Words: 1005   Downloads: 0   Category: Weight Loss   By: Dr. Rick Wallace

How to Keep Stink Bugs Out of Your Home

During the late summer and early fall, stink bugs start looking for places to hibernate for winter, and it's important to make sure that your home isn't one of those places. This article focuses on ways to make your home less attractive to stink bugs, and how to respond to signs of an infestation.

Words: 578   Downloads: 0   Category: Home   By: Peter Vossman

5 Simple Ways to Make Your Bathroom Feel Bigger

This article offers insights on how homeowners can make their bathrooms feel larger without suffering through a complete bathroom renovation. Small changes can have a dramatic impact on how spacious a bathroom appears.

Words: 255   Downloads: 0   Category: Home Improvement   By: HiredGunWriting

3 Must-Have iOS Apps for Summer Travel Planning

This article offers insights on three excellent travel planning iOS apps. Whether you are planning a backpacking trip across Europe or a family trip to Disneyland, the apps highlighted in this article will improve your travel planning and reduce your stress.

Words: 225   Downloads: 0   Category: Travel   By: HiredGunWriting

Powerful Tips for Conquering Panic Attacks and Restoring Your Peace of Mind

Panic attacks are frightening and people who have them constantly fear the next one. The good news? Panic attacks can be controlled through lifestyle measures. This article discusses why panic attacks are so scary and steps anyone can take to reduce their frequency.

Words: 838   Downloads: 0   Category: Medical   By: Dr. Kristie

Video and Audio HTML5 Media Tags: How to Add Media-Rich Content to Your Site

Two new media tags were introduced with HTML5. The video and audio tags are beneficial to any site that distributes video and audio. By hosting your own videos, you can break away from YouTube and Vimeo's rules and avoid having your channel suspended. This article discusses how to use both tags in your web pages.

Words: 597   Downloads: 0   Category: Web Development   By: Lysis

Big Data Will Make Us All Healthier

Searching for obscure connections between seemingly unrelated information in databases is called data mining. It promises to yield treasures more valuable than any gem that could be mined underground. This article looks at recent developments.

Words: 695   Downloads: 0   Category: Technology   By: J. D. Fencer

The Dos and Donts of the First Drink Date

This article outlines the dos and don'ts of first drink dates. It makes some basic suggestions for both men and women. Suggestions include not getting too drunk, eating something beforehand, etc. This article is perfect for dating websites or relationship blogs. It caters specifically to couples who have met through online dating.

Words: 435   Downloads: 0   Category: Dating   By: Susan Marie

Nine Non-Alcoholic Stress Busters You Can Use Tonight

Have you ever come home stressed out and headed straight for the wine rack or beer stash? This article offers immediately useful, non-alcoholic suggestions for shaking off work-related stress and frustration. The suggestions are aimed at both men and women, and the tone of the article encourages self improvement but is non-judgemental.

Words: 576   Downloads: 0   Category: Health & Lifestyles   By: DL Miller

6 Tips for a Successful Job Search

No one enjoys looking for a job, and in a lukewarm economy, job seekers might feel that the odds are stacked against them. However, there are several ways to increase the chances of finding employment. This article contains six helpful and relevant tips for anyone who is looking for work.

Words: 583   Downloads: 0   Category: Careers   By: Jacquelyn Cole

5 Cheap Ways to Keep the Kids Entertained This Summer

Sometimes it seems like there is only a brief lull between the start of summer vacation and the beginning of summer boredom. If your kids are already complaining that there is nothing to do, you can use these tips to keep them entertained all summer long.

Words: 537   Downloads: 0   Category: Family   By: beconrad

5 Tips for Resolving Conflict in Relationships

Relationships can be complicated and problems are inevitable. If one or both of you are emotional or hot-headed, those problems can grow into serious issues. This article looks at five ways to resolve conflicts and prevent future problems in your relationship.

Words: 381   Downloads: 0   Category: Relationships   By: Sophie's Solutions

Buying an Office Computer: A Brief Guide for Small Business Owners

Although computers play an essential role in any modern small business office environment, hardware requirements are often fairly minimal. Nonetheless, business owners often spend far more than they need to. This 875-word guide takes a look at some of the key points and specifications to consider when buying or upgrading your office's computer network.

Words: 876   Downloads: 0   Category: Computers   By: UKWriter101

7 Ways to Use Your Custom Bobblehead

Bobbleheads are not just toys. These custom-made dolls are treasured keepsakes. Custom bobbleheads are comprised of your image on a piece that can help you achieve your goals and remember important events.

Words: 487   Downloads: 0   Category: Merchandise   By: Sarah Field

Important Things to Know About Birth Certificates

This article gives the reader a basic overview of birth certificates. It covers key factors from what they are to who manages them and how they can obtain a copy. It also lists the many reasons a birth certificate is important and why they should have a copy on hand.

Words: 367   Downloads: 0   Category: Tutorials   By: Alex Drake

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