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Tennis: Getting Back to the Basics

Whether one is a beginner, intermediate, or advanced player, it is never a bad idea to get back to the basics. Difficulties with a particular stroke or strokes can often be caused by one of three basic problems each of which is easily corrected. So, before you completely overhaul your game, try checking your head, your hands, and your feet.

Words: 495   Downloads: 0   Category: Tennis   By: Rick Perry

The Calories Burned in Recreational Tennis

Recreational tennis is an enjoyable way to burn off some extra calories. The exact number of calories you burn will depend on a variety of factors such as your weight and the format of the game. This article gives an overview of the expected calorie burn from recreational tennis.

Words: 495   Downloads: 0   Category: Tennis   By: F. P. Schultz

New Kid on the Austrian Block

This article is about a blip on the radar called Dominic Thiem & his defeat of Jurgen Melzer in the second round of the ATP . Noted in the article are average betting prices & the shift away from Melzer before the start of the match. There is nothing suggested in this article other than Melzer is fading but more importantly, Thiem is one to watch.

Words: 548   Downloads: 0   Category: Tennis   By: Clint Conley

Psychological Aspects of Learning to Play Tennis

Tennis can be a truly rewarding sport but it is widely known to be a fairly complicated one to master and can therefore demand a high level of dedication from the new player. This article offers the tennis newcomer advice on five specific psychological aspects of the tennis learning process. After reading this article, the reader will be able to reduce frustration and maximize success throughout the learning process.

Words: 780   Downloads: 0   Category: Tennis   By: Dr. Oliver James Pierpont

Six Easy Steps to Quickly Improve Your Tennis Game

Many people strive to become great tennis players, but few reach their goals. Why? Because of these basic principles and concepts that are often neglected. This article explains the six simple steps to truly becoming a great tennis player.

Words: 643   Downloads: 0   Category: Tennis   By: Steven Lai

The Roger/Rafa Supremacy: A Consumer Review

A review of the rivalry and relationship been tennis giants Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, with an analysis of their respective games and personalities, and how this has grown (whether or not intentionally) into a veritable product that has made the game of tennis today more popular than ever.

Words: 2788   Downloads: 0   Category: Tennis   By: Cleo James

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