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Top Tips for Living in a Car

Becoming virtually homeless is a horrible experience. Living out of a car or truck can rapidly spiral out of control unless some sane, practical guidelines are followed. Learn about the priorities, budget considerations, and resources that are out there for those living in a car or truck.

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5 Tips for Getting a Complaint Resolved

When people receive poor goods or services, they often ignore the problem or become angry and then ignore the problem. It's far too easy for poor standards to become entrenched. If people don't speak up, standards don't improve. However, complaints should be dealt with constructively. Here are five tips for getting positive results:

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How to Maintain Safety During a Flash Flood

Maintaining safety during a flash flood can be frightening. Statistics indicate flash floods are more than capable of claiming lives. Despite this, awareness of high-risk flash flooding areas and steps to take if caught in one can significantly increase an individual's ability to maintain safety during a flash flood. This article reviews a few common high-risk flash flooding areas. This discussion is followed by a review of how to maintain safety when caught in a flash flood while driving and while at home. The article concludes with a brief summary of the risks and steps to maintain safety during a flash flood.

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Alternatives to the Handshake

Handshaking was a constant of the pre-pandemic world, serving as one way to greet or part with somebody. However, with the pandemic making physical contact with other people a risky endeavor, people have had to find alternatives. Three of those alternatives, alongside their origins and where they are used, are listed in this article.

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8 Tips for Writing a Better Blog Post

With so many writers getting into blogging now a days, the information floating around is not always live up to its potential. Writing better blog posts gets more notice and attracts a bigger audience. This article showcases 8 tips for writing better blog posts.

Words: 737   Downloads: 0   Category: Tutorials   By: Amanda Elk

What is Ham Radio and Who Uses It?

The article is an introduction to ham (amateur) radio as a hobby. The reader learns about licensing as a ham radio operator as well as hobby and fun uses. The community and emergency service cooperation between ham radio clubs and communities are explained.

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