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How to Generate Leads from Social Media for Realtors

Social media has become one of the most powerful tools for businesses in recent years. It provides a way to connect with potential customers, build relationships, and generate leads. For realtors, social media can be an especially valuable tool for generating leads. The key ways to generate leads from social media are through paid ads and creating content. Automating these processes can free up valuable time to build relationships with clients.

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In the Market for a New Home? Recognizing the Subtle Signs of Water Damage

If you are in the market for a home, the last thing you want is hidden water damage. As you shop, it's important to watch out for the warning signs of flooding and other water damage. This article looks at some of the red flags home shoppers should never ignore.

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Do You Know What It Takes to Be a Landlord?

Owning and managing your first rental property can be a challenging affair. Understanding the legal, insurance, maintenance, and tenant issues in advance can help smooth the path to success. If the first experience is good, a rookie landlord likely will buy more.

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The Facts About As-Is Home Purchase Contracts

As-is home offers require the buyer to pay for repairs and absorb the cost of resolving permit issues. These contracts favor the seller, but that’s no reason why buyers should refuse to use them. In a seller’s market, when the listing inventory is low, a buyer may have no other choice than to submit the offer using the requested MLS form. Buyers should base their offer price on the damage they see during their initial visit. If a home inspection discovers unexpected repair issues, the buyer can cancel their offer or negotiate an acceptable solution with the seller.

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5 Risks of Buying a Foreclosed Home

Buying a foreclosed home offers many advantages, including lower prices, a good investment, and an opportunity to upgrade. But, before buying a foreclosed property, ensure you know the risks, too. Here are five you should be aware of.

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Top 3 Low to Zero Down Payment Home Mortgage Programs

In this article, cash-poor individuals and families learn about three programs to help them buy a home with low or no down payment options. They also learn about closing cost assistance. The USDA Section 502 Loan Guarantee Program offers attractive options. The FHA loan and closing cost assistance options are explained as well. Finally, the HomePath program at Fannie Mae to liquidate foreclosure properties is explained.

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