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Beginner Python Projects You’ll Actually Use

Many beginner Python users get stuck at the tutorial stage and don't know what projects will help them to advance their learning. This article gives them five options: a password generator, a life counter, rock-paper-scissors, a personal spellcheck, and a website blocker. Tips and instructions are provided for every project. | Read More →

Words: 585   Downloads: 0   Category: Programming   By: Lora Mackenzie

Is It Worth It to Learn HTML?

HTML is one of the most commonly used languages, though very few people code with it directly. This can lead many to wonder if it is still worth it to learn HTML. This article explains what HTML is, and why people may or may not need to learn it. | Read More →

Words: 654   Downloads: 0   Category: Programming   By: Seatbelt99

What Happens in a Buffer Overflow Attack?

The WhatsApp data breach stems from a buffer overflow in the application's code, and the result was 1.5 billion people were susceptible to remote code execution. Buffer overflow attacks are critical security bugs in any application, but they are also considered "needle in the haystack" finds for hackers. If programmers don't know how they work, it's difficult to identify functions and user-generated input methods that could result in an exploited application. | Read More →

Words: 1042   Downloads: 0   Category: Programming   By: Lysis

Five Ways to Fight Overfitting

This article details five ways to combat overfitting when training machine learning models. The article is written with minimal jargon and is intended to be approachable to machine learning novices but useful for anyone doing predictive modeling. Topic sections include: adding more data, reducing model complexity, regularization, validation and combining models. | Read More →

Words: 702   Downloads: 0   Category: Programming   By: Hugo Rutten

URL Shortening Tools Every App Developer Ought to Know About

This programming blog post offers insights on URL shortening tools for app developers. Whether you are a dApp developer or a mobile app developer, increasing downloads of your app creations can lead to turbocharged revenues. Read on to learn more about URL shortening tools app developers should be using to improve their branding efforts and increase their app download analytics. | Read More →

Words: 427   Downloads: 0   Category: Programming   By: Hired Gun Writing

5 Laravel Tools Every Laravel Developer Should Have in Their Arsenal

This programming blog post spotlights five Laravel tools every Laravel programmer should have on their resource list. If you want to attract more clients to your business' Laravel services and improve your SEO for Laravel-related terms, offering helpful blog posts regarding Laravel tools is an awesome way to go. Not only will you potentially attract more online attention, you'll increase your thought leadership within the Laravel community too. Read on to discover five fabulous Laravel resources you can share with your target audience. | Read More →

Words: 671   Downloads: 0   Category: Programming   By: Hired Gun Writing

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