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Fantastic Food and Drinks to Include in Your Picnic   

Are you thinking of having a picnic for friends and family as the weather begins to improve? Are you unsure what food and drinks to include for your picnic? This article inspires the reader with several perfect picnic ideas.

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5 Versatile Liquors for Your Next Party

Entertaining can be challenging if you're not very familiar with liquors, but there are several general types that are very versatile that you can use to make sometimes hundreds of different kinds of drinks. This blog post outlines five of the most common and versatile types of liquor. It also provides some common ways that you can use them.

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5 Ways to Ruin a Summer Bbq

A summary of five key ways to prevent your backyard BBQ from becoming a disaster. with the focus on problems and solutions.

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Planning a Holiday Dinner That Includes Fall-Harvest Beverages

People planning to have dinner guests during the holidays might want to serve beverages with a fall-harvest theme. That can add an intriguing twist on the more traditional foods and beverages served at this time of year. This article provides many suggestions for pumpkin, apple and cranberry drinks available in stores. Some suggestions also are offered for mixing cocktails and soft drinks with these flavors.

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Festive Thanksgiving Day Cocktail Ideas

Thanksgiving Day is just around the corner. This 300-word piece includes three recipes for Thanksgiving Day cocktails that are sure to please. Serving suggestions are included.

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The Five Keys to Having a Great Backyard Party

A backyard party is the perfect way to spend a summer day. If you want your barbecue, cookout, or potluck to be great, follow these tips. They'll help you have a great gathering that all your guests will enjoy.

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