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A History of the Super Bowl

2022 history of the Super Bowl with updated information about the half-time show geared toward Gen Z. Covered topics include the price of tickets, some game highlights from the past 10 years, the cost of commercials, and half-time history.

Words: 1120   Downloads: 0   Category: Football   By: Julie L. Cleveland

How the Fury of European Football Fans Killed the Billionaires' Dream of a Super League in Just 48 Hours

The announcement of a new European Super League sent shockwaves through the world of football. But within 48 hours of the plans being announced, the idea of the Super League was dead. This article looks at why the idea provoked such furious reaction from fans, players, and governments. It compares the models of American and European sports leagues. It explains why team owners desired a more American-style competition in Europe and why this idea was so incredibly unpopular.

Words: 2016   Downloads: 0   Category: Football   By: Christopher Thomas Williams

Super Bowl Sunday Tailgating Party at Home, Aka Homegating

If you like your annual staycation, you will love your homegating Super Bowl party. With the big game just around the corner, now is the time to make your plans, so you can enjoy the sport you love with the people you love. This 730-word article takes a look at what homegating is and how you can enjoy one in your own home.

Words: 738   Downloads: 0   Category: Football   By: beconrad

Is It Soccer, or is It Football? How the World Interprets the Beautiful Game

In Canada and the United States, the term football refers to gridiron football; almost everywhere else, football means soccer or some variant. Confused? Don’t be — here, we explain who plays what.

Words: 746   Downloads: 0   Category: Football   By: Kimberly Martin, PhD

Five Non-NFL Cities That Have Hosted NFL Games

Throughout the 100 year history of the NFL, there have been many unplanned occurrences that have caused a change of venue to a scheduled game. Hurricanes, earthquakes, stadium renovations, and even relocations by a club have all been causes for games to be played in non-traditional stadiums. This article highlights five such occurrences in the past thirty years and the circumstances surrounding each situation.

Words: 567   Downloads: 0   Category: Football   By: Derek J. Carden

5 Essential Fantasy Football Draft Tips

Understanding the best fantasy football draft tips are essential for winning your league. These tips include focusing on running backs, making safe early picks, participating in mock drafts, not focusing on bye weeks, and always waiting to draft a kicker and a defense. This article highlights these five tips to help you achieve fantasy football success in the upcoming season.

Words: 562   Downloads: 0   Category: Football   By: Jack Ryan

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