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Email Marketing: How to Create an Effective Email Signature for a Higher Response Rate

Business owners can't go wrong with email marketing. According to OptinMonster, nearly one in three marketers say it has the highest return on investment (ROI) of all digital marketing strategies. A comprehensive email marketing strategy, however, requires a well-crafted signature. It will compel more recipients to respond to marketing emails. This SEO-friendly article offers tips on how to craft an email signature.

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3 Actionable Tips to Protect Your Home Business from Cyberattacks

Nearly half of cyberattacks that happen target small businesses. This article offers three simple, actionable pieces of advice that entrepreneurs and small businesses can use to prevent attacks from hackers. These include switching auto-updates on their devices, using two-factor authentication, and using antivirus protection.

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4 Key Aspects of a Successful Online Business

Becoming a successful online business requires a lot of work and patience. This article provides tips on how to grow your online business. These tips include focusing on content marketing, staying active on social media, creating a user-friendly site, and keeping a close watch on your competition.

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Cheaper Clicks and Higher Search Positions with Google AdWords

The reader of the article is educated on how PPC, Pay Per Click, works with Google Ads. The reader will learn how paid ads are ranked in display, at the beginning using only the CPC, cost per click bids. Then the way in which Google ranks ads is explained. Finally, the Google Ad Quality Score is covered. An example real estate agent ad campaign illustrates how an ad can rise in rank while dropping in cost per click.

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7 Causes of Broken Links and How to Repair Them for Better SEO

An important part of technical search engine optimization (SEO) is repairing broken links. Broken links are characterized by a 404 Hypertext Transport Protocol (HTTP) status code. Rather than loading a web-accessible file, such as web page, they execute a 404 status code when followed. This article takes a closer look at some of the most common causes of broken links. It also explains how to repair broken links for better SEO.

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5 Reasons Cybersecurity is Critical for Businesses in Today's Digital World

With the sharp rise in cyberattacks, it is now more important than ever to implement a proactive strategy to keep your business safe from malicious hackers. Here’s why cybersecurity is critical for your business, no matter its size.

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