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5 Early Decisions You Need to Get Right as an Entrepreneur

Some of the earliest choices entrepreneurs make are among the most important ones they will make throughout the startup's existence. First-time entrepreneurs will want to know which decisions are more important than others so they can properly focus their energies on them. Detailed in the article are 5 of those choices and what can help entrepreneurs decide.

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10 Small Business Start-Up Mistakes to Avoid

Starting a new business is never without its risks. But, if you know the common mistakes that first-time entrepreneurs make, you can avoid them. This article explains ten typical start-up mistakes that are best avoided.

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7 Tips Bootstrapping Entrepreneurs Must Know and Use

Bootstrapping a company is not for the faint of heart. The endeavor is filled with challenges and stress most people would rather avoid. However, for those with the mettle, it can lead to a successful venture -- if done properly.

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7 Ways Entrepreneurs Can Bootstrap a Startup Launch

The idea of bootstrapping a startup launch can be daunting to many. Running a startup is difficult enough without the idea of trying to start it on a tight budget. Fortunately, there is much a smart and hardy entrepreneur to make the effort work. Detailed in the article are 7 tips that should help accomplish that goal.

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10 Top Writing Tips for Your Website, Marketing, and Correspondence

This perceptive article provides 10 tips to help you engage readers and gain patronage with writing that attracts. Without these shortcuts, learning what does and doesn’t work can take years. They can boost the success of correspondence, website articles, and marketing.

Words: 750   Downloads: 0   Category: Entrepreneurship   By: Bridget Webber

What Do Angel Investors Look for in a Business?

The precise requirements may vary, but angel investors typically have several standard criteria they look for in a business opportunity. If a company does not meet these requirements, it won't be easy to get past first base with an investor. This article explains the fundamental things an angel investor will be looking for in a start-up.

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