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Hunting for Deer Antlers: Fun Things to Do Outside

Every year, deer lose their antlers, and people go into the woods to look for them. This activity known as "shed hunting" can be a fantastic adventure and an opportunity for the entire family to spend time outside in the fresh air. A found antler is a stunning trophy and a priceless treasure. More than that, and hidden within its elegant form, is a secret and wonderful story about a year in the life of a deer.

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11 Essential Safety Tips for Hikers

A collection of tips for novice hikers. This article covers some of the most important things for a hiker to remember. The list includes advice on preparing for the trip, what to wear, and what to take with you. The conclusion reminds readers that it's sometimes best to cut a hike short rather than press on and get into difficulties.

Words: 657   Downloads: 0   Category: Leisure   By: Clare E.

7 Things to Do During Your Free Time

Do you find yourself longing for some time away from work but don't know what to do once you have it? If so, you need to discover practical things to do during leisure to avoid getting bored. Here are 7 things to do during your free time. Read on.

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Eight Fun Things to Do with Kids in Daytona Beach

Daytona Beach is often referred to as the "World's Most Famous Beach." While the city gained a reputation as a spring break party destination in the 1980's Daytona Beach has taken steps to put that in the past and become more family-orientated. Today Daytona Beach is a family-friendly destination with loads of things to see and do that will amaze and entertain the entire family.

Words: 1185   Downloads: 0   Category: Leisure   By: Joe Mielcarek

10 Creative and Fulfilling Hobbies for Adults

When was the last time you got in touch with your creative side? If you've been spending all your time and attention on the practical necessities of life, you might benefit from picking up a hobby that works out the imaginative part of your brain. This article lays out ten fun and fulfilling ideas for creative hobbies that don't require a lot of upfront cost or pre-existing knowledge.

Words: 1012   Downloads: 0   Category: Leisure   By: Anne Halifax

Five Summer Activities for the Pandemic

Summer may be upon us, but the pandemic rages on. With the sun shining and the kids out of school, many people are wondering about what to do over the summer. Here's a list of five fun summer activities suitable for all ages, and guaranteed to be a blast.

Words: 553   Downloads: 0   Category: Leisure   By: Annika M. Jones

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