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How to Become Interested in Local Politics in America

National and state politics in America feel more decisive than ever. Getting involved in more local government and organizations in your home state can help you regain a feeling of being connected to your community. In this article, you will read how to learn about local government structures, how to attend their meetings, and ways to volunteer your time and skills.

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How to Reach Out to Your Elected Officials about Your Concerns during a Pandemic

Experiencing a pandemic can be frightening. If you lost your job, you likely have a lot of concerns. You can inform your local elected officials of these concerns so they can write legislation that addresses your issue. This article lists three ways to motivate an elected politician to act.

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An Accurate View of the Political Spectrum

There is a tendency for people to evaluate their political stance based on the linear idea of being either "left wing" or "right wing." This view informs political decision-making, yet it is not an accurate model. People need to rethink politics as a two-dimensional model in order to make informed political choices.

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Cfpb Continues to Serve Consumers Despite Hostile Congress

As recent news headlines have confirmed, the Trump administration is at war with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. The Final Arbitration Rule has raised the stakes with Director Cordray's decision to issue the controversial rule sure to provoke a strong reaction from Congress. This 1000w article explains what the Final Arbitration Rule is and what the likelihood is of it seeing the light of day. It then focuses on the beleaguered CFPB itself and its own future prospects.

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Trump Promising Women in Business Empowerment as He Tries to Strip Women’s Health Care

This 771 word blog post/ article explores the promises President Donald Trump made to women during a roundtable meeting at the White House during Women's History Month as he pushes forth with TrumpCare, which is said to strip away much of the funding and many of the rights women have when it comes to health care and their reproductive system. The public response via Twitter is additionally discussed and highlighted.

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Politics and Money: Mother’s Milk No More?

The audience of those once-dominant broadcast networks has fragmented over the decades, so high-cost network ads, which could once define political conversation, receive much less Bang for the Buck than the once did. This fact is part of a broader pattern: money is no longer the "mother's milk" of politics. This article discusses that fact, and discusses how the decline of Big Money makes way for the rise of Big Data.

Words: 624   Downloads: 0   Category: Politics   By: William James

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