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5 Benefits of Clearing Your Cache

Clearing your cache is a way to remove all the unnecessary data that slows down your computer. It's a simple thing to do too. Here are 5 clear-cut benefits of clearing your cache.

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The Future is the Past: the Growing Trend Toward Retro Computing

With the first computers now old enough to be classified as antiques, a growing number of hobbyists, collectors, and tech enthusiasts are getting involved in something called retro computing. This unique hobby is making the old new again, giving the technology world a unique twist. This article takes a look at what retro computing is and how you can join in on the fun.

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How to Safeguard Your Data Before You Get Rid of an Old Computer

Taking the extra time to safeguard your data is essential before you get rid of a computer. This article offers tips on how to secure your information. These tips include backing up your data, signing out of your accounts, and using software to wipe your files.

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Simple Steps to Speed Up Your Computer

Everyone wants a fast and efficient computer. But even terrific laptops and desktop computers are slow when people don’t maintain them well. These three simple tweaks will speed up your computer and make it a joy to use like it was when it was new.

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Is Arch Linux Right for Your PC Operating System Needs?

Arch Linux has been popular for a several years, but gained more attention thanks to Valve Software's announcement that their handheld Steam Deck would run Arch Linux instead of Windows. What is Arch Linux, though? What sets it apart from other Linux distributions, and when is it appropriate?

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5 Ways to Speed Up Your Virtual Machines

The article discusses five ways of improving the speed of your virtual machines. One of the tips includes creating fixed-size disks, which enhances the speed of reading and writing to the disk. These tips are easy to implement and will result in multiple virtual operating systems running effortlessly on one computer.

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