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How to Prevent Allergies in Your Own Home

A quick, easy-to-read list of typical home allergens and how to prevent them. This blog post provides some good ideas for allergy sufferers on how to limit allergies in the home. Suggestions include regular cleaning for dust mites and hiring professional cleaners when necessary.

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How to Use Social Media to Promote Your Blog

Social media platforms can become an invaluable tool for driving traffic to your blog. However, if you don't have high-quality, educational content on your blog that genuinely engages readers, you may want to work on improving your blog writing first. Once you have quality content, you should begin using social media to promote your blog. This article shares how to promote your blog on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and lesser-known social media platforms such as MeWe and CloutHub.

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New Year, New Me -- or Why We Should Ditch the Diet and Get a Hobby Instead

A tongue-in-cheek look at New Year's resolutions and why it's better to look for joy. Improve your everyday routine, walk a bit more, and talk to your friends. And for goodness' sake, ditch the ’80s fitness look and the dry bran breakfast.

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Seven Traits Good Speakers Have in Common

Every audience loves a good speaker. Here are seven traits that effective speakers have in common. Read on and find out one can do to become an effective speaker.

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What Hand Does the Wedding Band Go On?

Many couples getting wed for the first time may not know which hand the wedding band goes on and why. This short blog post explains which hand the wedding band goes on, which hand the engagement ring goes on, and the story behind why the left hand was chosen for these symbolic bands.

Words: 600   Downloads: 0   Category: Blog Entries   By: Cait Carter

How Hoas Can Start Working with Local Government

This article outlines how HOA officials can begin working in collaboration with local government. When HOAs work with local government, common goals can be achieved. Furthermore, this article explains how the HOA can benefit from free services and products available from local government resources.

Words: 961   Downloads: 0   Category: Blog Entries   By: Kathryn Farrell

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