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Your Old Electronic Device is a Gold Mine

Although millions of tons of electronic waste are recycled each year, millions more are left idle in homes and businesses. Electronic devices (EDs) contain valuable and scarce metals such as gold, palladium and coltan. As ED recycling rates and techniques continue to improve, these "stranded" devices will become increasingly valuable. How can consumers be incentivized to bring their old EDs into the recycling stream?

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The PCB Assembly Process

Every electronic device in use today contains a printed circuit board, or PCB, that controls its operations. The functionality of any electronic device is dependent on the quality of the PCB. The PCB assembly process occurs at a precise point in the development of an electronic device.

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Basic Audio Mixer Terminology

This article defines basic terms related to the use of an audio mixer. These terms include channel, channel strip, and direct output. In addition, this article details the cue system and its important fucntions.

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What Does an Audio Mixer Do?

This article details what is an audio mixer. Specifically, it outlines what one is used for and what benefits that an audio mixer provides. In addition, this article looks at the different types of audio mixers on the market.

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Call Detail Records - a Concise Guide

This is a short article that answers the following points about Call Detail Records: What is a Call Detail Record? How do Call Detail Records work? What do Call Detail Records include? Key applications of Call Detail Records. Key technologies used for Call Detail Records. Frequently asked questions pertaining to Call Detail Records. Call detail record Technology

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5 Monitor Buying Tips for Your Business

Every small business will need to make a few smart monitor buying choices at some point. You should know exactly what you’re paying for and everything you don’t need. Learn the when you should invest in ultra-definition monitors, and how you can avoid overpaying for fancy gimmicks. Use these five simple tips to find the right display solutions for your small business.

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