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Stop Worrying About What People Think

We’ve all been there. We block our ears to inner wisdom in favor of other people’s opinions. But what if they’re wrong? How can we tell whether their guidance is rotten or wise? This sagacious article explains how to know if advice is worth a second glance.

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Social Anxiety: How to Cope with Awkward Conversations

Many people feel awkward during challenging conversations. They don’t know what to say in uncomfortable conversations. This article looks at decreasing social anxiety with self-awareness and planned responses. Armed with potential retorts and increased understanding, people can enjoy relief from social stress.

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5 Ways to Speak with More Authority

Authority and credibility is important for anyone trying to make a living as a consultant, freelancer, or entrepreneur. Without it, people won't listen to your point of view or take you seriously. If you're struggling to develop your voice, here are 5 ways to help you speak more authoritatively.

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Personal Development: Why Button-Pushers Trigger Growth

It feels unpleasant to have your buttons pushed. Someone might stimulate powerful negative emotions in you. But, like the sand that provokes an oyster to form a pearl, antagonists can trigger personal development. Your overreaction to unwanted events signals the need to heal a part of your psyche. This article explains the phenomena and how self-awareness, when button-pushers strike, can stimulate self-improvement.

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How to Heal Insecurity and Create Healthy Relationships

It’s common for people to feel insecure about their relationships. This article explains relationship insecurities often stem from attachment styles. It also outlines why people develop attachment styles, how they affect relationships, and ways to make improvements and reduce insecurity.

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Toxic Relationships: How to Manage Energy Vampires

Energy vampires are toxic. They drain your vitality and make you tired and stressed. This article explains how to identify you are in a toxic relationship with a wellbeing-sucking vampire. It also describes how to uncover why you are their victim and break free.

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