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Online Forms May Collect and Share Your Data Even if You Don’t Click Submit

Personal data entered into online forms often are collected and shared even if the person entering the information decides not to complete the form and click submit. Researchers identified 3,000 U.S. websites engaging in this activity, including the sites of numerous well-known organizations. Facebook's parent company Meta is one of those collecting personal data from unsubmitted forms. To emphasize the need for concern about this type of activity, this article includes information about Facebook's past data-sharing practices, the fact that the company was fined $5 billion, and an excerpt obtained from a recently-leaked internal document.

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5 Things to Consider Before Choosing a Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A virtual private network (VPN) is essential for using the internet. This article offers tips on how to find the best VPN to meet your needs. Checking out the home country of the VPN provider, looking at their experience, and comparing online reviews are just a few ways you can find a VPN to meet your needs.

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Avoiding the Dangers of Public Wi-Fi

Criminals exploit unsecured public Wi-Fi networks to intercept and steal data. They even set up their own malicious Wi-Fi networks to try and trick victims into signing on. This article discusses the primary risks associated with using unsecured public networks, then provides recommendations for significantly increasing the security of those who use them. Implementing the recommendations will also increase the reader's overall level of cybersecurity regardless of how they are connecting to the Internet.

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10 Tips to Create Compelling YouTube Thumbnails

YouTube thumbnails are what attract attention and encourage people to watch a video. Yet many people are unaware of how to make a thumbnail stand out. This article offers 10 tips to help people create compelling YouTube thumbnails.

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Why Your Website Needs a Privacy Policy

Often tucked away and inaccessible, a privacy policy may not seem that important. However, this one page of a website is crucial for trust and could prevent a business from receiving a heavy fine. This article explains why every website needs a privacy policy.

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10 Tips to Get More Youtube Views

A successful YouTube channel begins with great content. However, the top YouTubers also understand the value of promotion, optimization, and community engagement. This article offers 10 tips to help aspiring YouTubers get more views.

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