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Six Practical Tips To Sell Stuff Online Fast

Sites such as Craigslist offer a way for regular people to sell things they no longer need. This article helps readers sell their stuff quickly. Among the valuable tips included are: set low prices, take good photos, and explain why you are selling.

Words: 644   Downloads: 0   Category: Shopping   By: Carlton Ryan

Steering Clear of Shady Shopping Sites: How to Protect Your Credit Card Online

If you want to protect yourself when shopping online, you need a proactive plan of approach. With a few simple precautions and some common sense, you can keep your credit card protected and safeguard your finances, all without sacrificing the convenience you crave. This article takes a look at those safeguarding steps, so you can steer clear of shady shopping sites and the danger they represent.

Words: 915   Downloads: 0   Category: Shopping   By: beconrad

9 Easy Ways to Green Your Grocery List (and Save Money)

This article is about how to make your food shopping more sustainable (and cheaper). It contains tips like planning your meals, connecting with farmers, and getting discount food from stores and cafes, as well as (up-to-date) links to useful apps and websites for the U.S. market.

Words: 1847   Downloads: 0   Category: Shopping   By: Ann Aarvik

Getting What You Want: Smart Ways to Make the Customer Service Agent Your Ally Instead of Your Enemy

When something goes wrong with a product, service or billing statement, a call to customer service may be needed to set things right. What you may not know is that the level of satisfaction you get from the interaction could depend on how well you treat the agent on the other end of the line. This article takes a look at some techniques you can use to turn the agent into an ally instead of an enemy.

Words: 1016   Downloads: 0   Category: Shopping   By: beconrad

Top 5 Reasons to Shop in the Bargain Aisle

Want a creative way to save on grocery bills? The bargain aisle could be the lifesaver you're looking for. Read on to know why it makes so much sense to shop in the bargain aisle, especially if you want to cut back on your grocery expenses.

Words: 664   Downloads: 0   Category: Shopping   By: Joselle A.

Everything Old is New Again – the Allure of Antiques and Some Tips for Getting Started

If you are looking for something new, you might want to look for something old. The market for antiques and collectibles is alluring and fun, and now is the perfect time to check it out. This article takes a look at some tips you can use to get started buying antiques.

Words: 815   Downloads: 0   Category: Shopping   By: beconrad

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