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8 Essential Workout Tips for Beginners

If you're new to working out, you're probably overwhelmed and struggling to begin an exercise plan. Too many people start on the wrong foot and end up quitting after a short time. Having the right information can make a massive difference to your progress and motivation.

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Five Fun and Highly Effective Outdoor Cardio Workouts (That Don’t Involve Biking or Jogging)

This article discusses five fun forms of highly effective cardiovascular training that can be performed outdoors and don't involve biking or jogging. Rollerblading, jumping rope, freerunning, agility ladders, and circuit training are explained in detail to provide as much insight and information on how to get the most benefit and enjoyment from these exercises. Two articles are cited that discuss the fat-burning benefits of outdoor sunlight and the estimated amount of calories burned while performing the listed exercises.

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5 Best Pushup Variations for Greater Gains to Muscle Size and Strength

This article discusses five of the best pushup variations to add to your upper-body strength workout to see greater gains in muscle size and strength. The deficit, decline, archer, clapping, and one-arm pushup variations are listed along with their unique benefits and detailed explanations of how to perform each exercise.

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How to Keep Your Body Fit as You Age

As people age, they often lose muscle mass and strength. Energy levels decrease, and everyday tasks can become more difficult. However, there are ways to maintain strength and flexibility as you age. Learn more about how lifestyle changes can help you age gracefully.

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Five Best Cardiovascular Workouts That Don’t Involve Biking or Jogging

This article discusses the five best cardiovascular workouts that don't involve biking or jogging. It explains the benefits of jumping rope, swimming, calisthenics, plyometrics, and using a boxing bag and provides tips and details on how to make the most of these types of exercise. The article cites a Harvard webpage to provide calorie ranges that can be burned during 30 minutes of each exercise.

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Jumping Rope: 5 Reasons Why It’s Awesome Cardio Training

This article discusses the benefits of jumping rope for cardiovascular training. The five reasons why jumping rope is a good option are because it's inexpensive, it burns lots of calories, it can be done anywhere, it's fun, and it helps you look and feel better by making you more coordinated and athletic. The article provides tips and explanations and cites a Harvard webpage that provides ranges for calories burned during various activities.

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