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5 Easiest Vegetables to Grow in a Small Garden

Have you ever wanted to grow your own vegetables but have limited space? Some veggies will grow in limited space, even containers. Here are five of the best vegetables to grow in a small garden or small space.

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What's the Difference Between Part Sun and Full Sun Annuals?

Understanding plant labels such as "full sun," "partial sun," and "partial shade" can be confusing, but with this guide you will be able to pick the right plants for your garden.

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What Do the Numbers on Bags of Fertilizer Mean?

Ever wondered what type of fertilizer to use in your gardens? This article reviews what the numbers on bags of fertilizer mean, as well as how they should be used. A gardener will have a better understanding of how to pick a fertilizer.

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7 Reasons to Grow an Indoor Herb Garden

Give your kitchen and taste buds a boost with an indoor herb garden. Here are 7 ways growing an indoor herb garden can enhance your life.

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Top 5 Benefits of Having a Water Feature in Your Garden

You might be interested to learn that water features offer visual beauty and so much more, including air purification, noise reduction, and more. Anyone looking for a way to add ambiance for their own enjoyment or for others should look into adding a water feature to their front or backyard. This article gives a quick overview of five of the biggest benefits to ponds, streams, and even birdbaths in yards.

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Top 8 Tips for Gardening in Your Greenhouse

This article is essentially a primer for those who are new to greenhouse gardening. It covers eight key tips and tricks that all new greenhouse gardeners should be aware of. The article also goes over a few mistakes that can derail a greenhouse gardening project, and how to avoid them.

Words: 932   Downloads: 0   Category: Gardening   By: Gordon Brown

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