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5 Reasons to Use Sales Commission Software

Sales commission software is a great investment for many companies. This article highlights the many benefits of using sales commission software. These advantages include increasing employee efficiency, limiting mistakes, improving sales, and providing more transparency.

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How Do Large Companies Recruit Software Developers?

Software developers are highly sought after, and it can be daunting for your company to find suitable ones. This article discusses some of the innovative ways that companies use to recruit. They include attracting the developers using new technology, interesting company culture and offering platforms for the developers to grow their skill. They also recruit from recruiting agencies, tech blogs and open source programming platforms.

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The CRM as a Vital Tool in Digital Transformation

CRM software assists businesses in many facets of day-to-day operations including sales, marketing, and customer service. Integrating the CRM software into the business' digital transformation plan ensures it shares updated information and is able to collect and analyze data from online sources. This blog details the requirements for the CRM for digital transformation and best practices to follow when integrating it into the digital framework.

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Tips on How to Find the Best Accounting Software for Your Business

This is for John F, one of my regular customers on CC. He asked me to send him some articles that are available for sale. Please approve as soon as you can so I can submit it for his approval as he plans to buy several.

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Five Tips for Hosting Your First Zoom Meeting

Zoom web conferencing software has recently exploded in popularity due to the increased number of professionals who work from home. This article helps guide users who are hosting a meeting for the first time. The article provides tips to prepare for the meeting and manage participants. It highlights Zoom tools including screen sharing and the "waiting room."

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How Virtual Reality Saves Startup Costs

This article covers how someone can save costs by furnishing an office with virtual reality (VR) technology. It includes helpful insights on how VR can positively affect morale in the workspace. The article touches on the advantages of replacing common office furnishings with virtual equipment. This informational piece is written in a very conversational tone.

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