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Sexual Fluidity and the Misconceptions That Surround It

Sexual fluidity is when a person's sexual orientation changes over time. It is surprisingly common, but considerable stigma persists on the subject. People of all genders and orientations can sometimes find the idea that someone's identity can change bewildering. This article explores what sexual fluidity is, what misconceptions there are, and how change can be accomplished.

Words: 557   Downloads: 0   Category: Sexuality   By: Dr Andrew Lakin

Ashley Madison - a Guide for Sugar Daddies

A guide for sugar daddies looking to use Ashley Madison as a way to find their next sugar baby. Topics include premium features, best search options, and avoiding scams.

Words: 538   Downloads: 0   Category: Sexuality   By: Bill Ricardi

How to Combine Food and Sex for an Enhanced Experience

Yes, it's okay to play with your food, especially when you can spice things up in the bedroom at the same time. Go beyond whipped cream and strawberries with these tips on how to incorporate food into your sex life.

Words: 714   Downloads: 0   Category: Sexuality   By: Andrew Wilkes

Sexual Addiction: the Great Debate

This story discusses the ongoing debate over compulsive sexual behavior as sexual addiction. It paints a portrait of sex addiction through the eyes of those on both sides of the debate, as well as through the eyes of self-identified sex addicts, allowing the reader to make up their mind.

Words: 919   Downloads: 0   Category: Sexuality   By: N. Sillar

3 Conversations You Need to Have with Every Sexual Partner

Many people believe that sexual relationships don't require communication in the same way that romantic relationships do. While that may be true (to an extent), there are three conversations that you need to have with every new sexual partner -- even if you never plan to date them. This article gives a brief introduction to those three topics (sexual health, sexual fantasies, and sexual boundaries) and offers advice to those who may be concerned about the outcome of the conversations. It also includes a works cited section, as there is one outside article referenced from within the copy.

Words: 634   Downloads: 0   Category: Sexuality   By: Babz Herrera

Ways to Feel Affirmed in Your Gender as a Transfemme in Quarantine

For many transfeminine people, quarantine may have thrown a wrench into their plans to transition. These are some tips to improve mental health and inner alignment through gender affirmation. The article also deals with the differing levels of being out, giving options for those who cannot be openly out at all to feel pretty as well.

Words: 1156   Downloads: 0   Category: Sexuality   By: Jack Shearer

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