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Retrogrades! What They Are and How They Wreck or Enhance Your Life

Retro-what?! What on earth, or rather what outside of earth, is a retrograde? Is that planet really moving backwards? Why does everything seem to go wrong during Mercury Retrograde?

Words: 721   Downloads: 0   Category: Spirituality   By: Savannah Jackson

5 Signs of Spiritual Development

The signs of spiritual development aren't always simple to see. But you may recognize them in these five descriptions. They relate to expanding consciousness and awareness. Among them are helpful coincidences and increased natural mindfulness.

Words: 470   Downloads: 0   Category: Spirituality   By: Bridget Webber

Simple and Effective Ways to Balance Your Chakras

There are seven main energy centers in the body, known as chakras. When these energy centers become blocked or misaligned, disease and disharmony may occur. Learn more about these energy centers and how you can keep them balanced and functioning properly.

Words: 528   Downloads: 0   Category: Spirituality   By: Darlene Zagata

10 Spiritual Practices Everyone Needs to Know

Whether you're looking to find inner peace or simply want to be more mindful, these spiritual practices can help you live a happier and healthier life.

Words: 1356   Downloads: 0   Category: Spirituality   By: Wendi Lord

Live Like a Monk by Practicing These Ten Habits at Home

You don't have to take vows of poverty, chastity, and obedience to benefit from the ancient traditions of men and women who live a monastic life. This article presents ten disciplines of religious order brothers and sisters who dedicate their lives to God while living a cloistered life that is separated from worldly possessions. Their example can help any person discover a loving God who speaks to the heart when we find space for a little silence each day. Many of the Saints have had mystical encounters with God after devoting themselves fully to his will for their lives, and we, too, can learn from their example.

Words: 912   Downloads: 0   Category: Spirituality   By: Mill Pearl

13 Signs You Might Be Spiritually Gifted

People who are spiritually gifted often have a number of different characteristics that set them apart from other people. Some of these signs might include having a vivid imagination, being able to see and communicate with spirits, and having a strong intuition. If you exhibit some or most of these signs, you might be spiritually gifted.

Words: 1104   Downloads: 0   Category: Spirituality   By: Wendi Lord

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