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How to Resolve an Inheritance Dispute

Losing a beloved relative or friend is tough enough without a family disagreement over their will or inheritance. This article explains the steps a reader can take to resolve an inheritance dispute, from tracking down the will and communicating openly with their family, to hiring a lawyer and taking legal action.

Words: 1152   Downloads: 0   Category: Death   By: Alice Fawcett

How to Write a Parent's Obituary

This impactful article teaches individuals how to write an effective obituary for a parent. Steps include writing a practice obituary before your parent dies, soliciting input from your parent and other family members, following obituary templates, and having other family members carefully proofread and check what you have written.

Words: 758   Downloads: 0   Category: Death   By: Sarah Highland

5 Tips to Help with Grief

Grief is painful. Many people shut themselves indoors, avoid others, and deny their anguish or suffer alone after someone they love dies. This article describes five tips they can use to help with the grieving process.

Words: 617   Downloads: 0   Category: Death   By: Bridget Webber

Why an Elaborate Funeral Isn't Important

Funerals are expensive. Yet, people often spend extravagant amounts of money on unnecessary processes and items in the burial process. Death is a business, and the goal of a business is to make money. However, there are other alternatives that are low-cost and eco-friendly. Learn more about green burials.

Words: 458   Downloads: 0   Category: Death   By: Darlene Zagata

How to Help a Grieving Friend or Loved One

Dealing with the loss of a family member can be devastating on many levels. Although many people offer their condolences through gifts of money and flowers, ongoing support may be what the grieving person needs most. Here are a few tips on how to be supportive of a person who is going through the grieving process.

Words: 408   Downloads: 0   Category: Death   By: Darlene Zagata

Who Pays for a Funeral?

One of the potentially stressful parts of planning a funeral is how to pay for the costs. This article covers some of the typical costs of a funeral service. It also lists several creative ways to pay for a funeral.

Words: 473   Downloads: 0   Category: Death   By: Ashley Hyde

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