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Devil’s Advocate: is There an Argument for Edward Snowden?

This article gives an overview of who Edward Snowden is, what he did, and the fallout from his actions. It brings readers up to speed on why Edward Snowden is relevant. Is also raises the question on whether Edward Snowden was justified in whistle-blowing in the manner in which he did. This article introduces the topic to those who may only casually follow politics/current events if at all. | Read More →

Words: 615   Downloads: 0   Category: Politics   By: Randal A. Burd, Jr.

Politics and You

By summarizing the different political philosophies, this article will help the reader clarify their own political views. The four 'boxes' on the so-called 'Political Compass' are looked at in turn: 'Authoritarian Right', 'Libertarian Right', 'Libertarian Left' and 'Authoritarian Left'. Different topics are considered from each of the four standpoints, including private property, state interference, economics, censorship and even human nature itself. The article does not take sides and offers common objections to each of the four. | Read More →

Words: 1046   Downloads: 2   Category: Politics   By: Mark Goddard

Radical Ideas from Depression-Era California

'Radical Ideas From Depression-era California' reviews some of the innovative economic and social programs that emerged in California in the Depression era of the 1930s. Californians have long been known for their readiness to entertain new ideas; and in times of economic hardship, some were offering remedies for a system in crisis. These alternatives included Old Age Revolving Pensions, and a scheme to stimulate the economy, known as 'Ham 'n Eggs'. The novelist Upton Sinclair offered California citizens a program of co-operatives, based on what he called Production for Use. Even the New Deal administration of Franklin Roosevelt experimented with collective farming in the state. Indeed, some of the initially radical-seeming ideas put forward in 1930s California, like the proposal for Old Age Pensions, were eventually adopted nationwide. Might some contemporary crisis, environmental or economic, inspire another such flowering of creative lateral thinking, in our own times? | Read More →

Words: 1067   Downloads: 0   Category: Politics   By: Monica Seejay

The Secret to Donald Trump’s Popularity

Like any good businessman, Donald Trump has found an under-served area of his niche and has pounced on it. In this case the market is the segment of voters who feel that government has grown out of touch with their needs, and the product that will solve their problem is The Donald Himself. | Read More →

Words: 763   Downloads: 3   Category: Politics   By: Dean Dorval

Five Reason Why the Two-Party Political System Works

A two-party dominant system, while certainly having its own disadvantages, has a clear logic to it. This essay will discuss why a two-party system is advantageous over a system with more prominent political parties. The article addresses the function of the Federal Government and is not partisan. Five reasons with explanation are presented. | Read More →

Words: 721   Downloads: 0   Category: Politics   By: MLO

The Growth of Political Lobbying in America

Lobbying is not an American invention, but it has become a growing industry with almost 35,000 registered lobbyists earning up to a million dollars or more a year. It is the top job for former Congressment and their staff when they leave office. Why lobbying is allowed and how they influence legislation is discussed along with some history of the practice. Political historians are troubled about the trend of growth in this industry along with the higher salaries and rising fees. | Read More →

Words: 668   Downloads: 3   Category: Politics   By: Laurie Dalton

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