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8 Ways to Make a Cup of Coffee Healthier for You and the Environment

Making America's favorite wake-me-up drink is a pretty straightforward affair. Yet there are ways to make your morning cup of coffee better for you and the environment.

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How to Give Up Sugar: 6 Steps to Detox

Giving up or even just cutting back on sugar intake is a great boon to one's health. Unfortunately, as with any addiction, it comes with withdrawals that can be miserable. With 6 changes, however, you can increase your chance of success and reap the health benefits of a diet that isn't saturated in sugar.

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Make Almonds a Part of Your Daily Diet to Get These 5 Fantastic Health Benefits

Nuts are a fantastic addition to almost all diets, and almonds are among the best choices you can make. A regular serving of almonds can go a long way to keeping your body performing at 100% and guarding against many diseases. This article looks at five health benefits of almonds and explains how each comes about.

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11 Superfoods That Naturally Lower Blood Sugar

When it comes to regulating your blood sugar levels, your diet plays a critical role. In fact, there are a number of superfoods -- from apples to seafood -- that can boost insulin sensitivity and lower blood glucose levels. This article is about 11 superfoods that naturally lower blood sugar.

Words: 1108   Downloads: 0   Category: Nutrition   By: Evan Crosby

7 Tips for Adopting a Keto Lifestyle

Following a keto diet often means making big changes, especially when it comes to the foods that you can and can't eat. For example, you will need to replace carbs with fat. This article offers seven tips for adopting a keto lifestyle.

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10 Ways to Incorporate Fruit and Vegetables in Your Family’s Diet

It is one thing to know that you should be eating more fruits and vegetables, but actually doing it is another thing altogether. If you want to eat healthier, you need a plan of attack, and a strategy for success. This article takes a look at 10 things you can do to incorporate more fruits and vegetables into your daily diet.

Words: 626   Downloads: 0   Category: Nutrition   By: beconrad

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