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How to Catch Fish in a Fast-Flowing River

Fast-flowing rivers are one of the most difficult places to catch fish. The current, the undercut banks, and the difficulty of finding the right feeding time all contribute to the difficulty of catching fish. These waters have thriving fish populations, so learning how to fish them can be very rewarding.

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Easy Step by Step Guide to Getting Your Fishing License

This article is a high-level overview of the steps you need to take to get your fishing license in most states. All states have different laws, but you will discover how to navigate the laws and what to be prepared for. If you've never gotten a fishing license before, this guide simplifies the steps.

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4 Simple Tips for Hunting in the Rain

Hunting in the rain is a frequent occurrence for many hunters. This article highlights a few tips to consider while hunting during inclement weather. Keeping these tips in mind will help you stay comfortable while improving the chance of a successful hunt.

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Tips to Remember for a Successful Hog Hunting Trip

Wild hogs are a major nuisance across the United States. This article highlights a few tips for a successful hog hunting trip. These tips include staying aware of the wind direction, using the right weapon, staying vigilant, and being patient while hunting for wild hogs.

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Gun Ownership and Concealed Carry FAQs

Learn more about legally purchasing, registering and carrying a firearm in the United States. This piece covers some of the most commonly asked questions about gun ownership and concealed carry. Ideal for those purchasing their first firearm or who simply want to know more about legal gun ownership in the USA.

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Locating Late-Season Whitetail Buck Deer

Locating a whitetail buck during the late-season hunt is not for the faint of heart. It requires getting out of your comfortable deer stand and getting your feet on the ground. Pushing into heavy cover is a productive strategy for locating elusive late-season bucks.

Words: 467   Downloads: 0   Category: Hunting & Fishing   By: Jodi Noblett

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