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Parents Take Note: Know the Warning Signs of an Adderal Addiction

Adderal and drugs like it can be game-changers for kids with attention deficit disorder (ADD), but these drugs also have a high potential for abuse and misuse. If your child is taking any drugs in this class of medication, it is important to recognize the red flags of abuse. This article takes a look at those warning signs and tells parents what to look for.

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What Exactly is CBD Oil, and What Is It Used For?

This article provides an overview of what CBD oil is, how it is commonly made, and its possible health benefits. It also answers frequently asked questions about CBD's safety, side effects, and legality.

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A Spoonful of Sugar: Ideas to Help Your Child Take Their Medicine

This blog post offers suggestions to parents with sick children who refuse to take medicine. Some ideas include letting the child help and making it a game. The article also recommends calling the pediatrician for ideas.

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Why You Are Having a Migraine, and What to Do About It

Migraines are a pain that afflicts a lot of people every day. While they are a manageable condition, most people are lost when faced with such issues. In this guide, we break down what migraines are, their causes, and some steps you can take to reduce the pain.

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3 Sure-Fire Ways to Relieve Insomnia

Anyone who has ever suffered from insomnia can tell you that it's a completely miserable experience. Insomnia saps the energy and enthusiasm from your life. This article explains three proven ways to avoid insomnia and enjoy a healthier, more interesting life.

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5 Emergency Stress Management Techniques

Even if you have good discipline with preventative stress management, emergency situations can arise. In those situations, you need techniques that provide immediate relief of stress symptoms. This article describes five effective emergency stress management techniques.

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