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Bringing Awareness to Unwarranted Book Censorship Through Banned Books Week

Book banning is an ongoing issue. This article briefly reviews the history of book censorship. Then, examples are given of some commonly known banned books and reasoning for why it is controversial. These examples are followed by a discussion of "Banned Books Week" and the reason behind its creation. Finally, the article concludes with information on how removing censorship against particular books would be beneficial.

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Tej Kohli's Tireless Response to Covid-19 Hunger

An article about the Tej Kohli Foundation and their efforts to fight covid-19 hunger in low-income communities. This article details the struggles with this fight and shows how the barriers are being overcome. The writing is concise, informative and useful.

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What Are Some Alternatives to a Handshake?

This article provides alternative ways of greeting people that do not involve handshakes. It details greetings that are popular in various parts of the globe today. In addition, this article highlights the benefits of greeting others without a handshake.

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What Are Handshake Alternatives?

Because of the covid-19 pandemic, handshaking had gone out of style. The fear that the hitherto commonly used gesture will spread disease has caused people to search for other ways to greet one another. These range from the ordinary, such as waving, bowing, or fist bumps to the bizarre such as elbow bumps and finger guns.

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Behind the Mask--Why Masks Were Cool Before Covid

Currently masks are an object of frustration and contempt due to COVID. But before the pandemic, masks were considered cool for many reasons. Humans have used them for millennia for protection, disguise, entertainment, and for performance. Superheroes, pilots, actors, athletes, and partygoers find masks functional and cool.

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What You Need to Know About Face Mask Protection

This article details important considerations in using face masks during pandemics. It looks at various materials used in the manufacture of face masks. In addition, this article provides tips on care for your masks as well as how to use them effectively.

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