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5 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Adult Coloring

Adult coloring books are a great way to learn to relax and get creative at the same time. To get the most out of coloring, however, there are a few tips to keep in mind. This article looks at how you need to pay attention to your posture, give yourself time, and find coloring tasks that are right for your mood.

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3 Ways to Reuse Glass Baby Food Jars

When purchasing commercially prepared food for your baby, you are presented with two distinct package options. You can choose plastic tubs or glass jars. For several reasons, glass food jars are better for the environment, with the primary reason being that they can be reused to extend their potential usefulness. This article discusses three ways that parents can reuse their baby's glass food jars to extend the jar's usable life and postpone the items being sent to recycling plants.

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Paper Fetish: 5 Hobbies for the Paper Fiend and What to Do with Finished Projects

This article provides a list of hobbies for paper fiends who may need to take their love of paper to the next level. It gives brief descriptions of the art of origami, cardmaking, scrapbooking, paper weaving, and paper sculpture. The article also provides useful tips for what to do with finished paper projects.

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Zen and the Art of Cardmaking

More people are rediscovering the joys of working with paper and creating cards, a near artifact in the digital age. In the same way that a Zen monk can spend hours in silent meditation to attain enlightenment, the cardmaker can spend hours rearranging elements on paper to produce the perfect card. The card creation process instills the practitioner with the calm and peace of a good meditation. The cardmaker does not aim to attain nirvana at the end of the process but reaches something close to it.

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Paper Quilling: The Forgotten Art

Paper quilling is an exquisite form of art that is gradually being forgotten as the years pass. It’s easy to learn and can yield beautiful results. With nothing more than a few strips of paper, you can create a masterpiece.

Words: 381   Downloads: 0   Category: Crafts   By: Misty Allen

What to Consider When Knitting a Present

Knitters love giving hand-made gifts to friends and family. This article discusses considerations and pitfalls you should be aware of when choosing a project. These tips help avoid mistakes in planning, and subsequent disappointment.

Words: 743   Downloads: 0   Category: Crafts   By: Andreas Grunwald

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