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What Every Student Should Look for When Deciding What Colleges to Apply To

Applying to colleges can be an intimidating process. With endless colleges to choose from, it is important to know what to look for during your research. General information on the college, finances, statistics, and academics are all vital components of any student's search. Always keep in mind what is most important to you throughout the search process.

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Scheduling Your Studies: How College Students Can Avoid Burnout

Many college students struggle with time management, which leads to stress and potential burnout. Learning to manage your time effectively and prioritise your commitments is key for maintaining sustained energy and health. This article explores how college students can organise their schedules to ensure they are making the most of their college experience.

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5 Easy Ways for College Students to Make Money

If you are in college or are soon to be a college student, you may be looking for some fun ways to make money. Affording living costs and trying to pay as you go can be a challenge. Here are some innovative ways that college students can make money without having to lose studying time.

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How to Help Your College Freshman Overcome Burnout

Burnout is a constant threat in college, especially for freshmen. It can be difficult for parents and others who support students to know how to best help them deal with the stress that accompanies starting college life. The best way to assist first-year students who are facing burnout is to give them space to express their struggles, to be sympathetic, to work with them to find possible solutions, and to follow up with them afterward.

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10 Smart Cooking Hacks for Culinary Challenged College Students

If nights at the dorm are filled with takeout containers and cold pizza, or the dreaded ramen noodles, it may be time to learn how to cook, but what if you are among the culinary challenged? Not every college student is a whiz in the kitchen, and developing those skills may not come easy, but it is still important to try. This article provides a list of 10 smart cooking hacks for the culinary challenged college student, so you can eat better food at a lower cost.

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Why You Should Take Online College Classes

To some, online classes are the antithesis of college. You have the choice to take a class in a lecture hall with plenty of fellow students and have a charismatic professor teach it to you, or you can take it online, at home, and alone. While extroverts and introverts may respectively rejoice in either of these possibilities, the reality is that both choices have various benefits that aren't just related to the social aspects. This article lists three different benefits of making at least one of your classes online.

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