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Five Tips to Create a Healthy and Happy Retirement

Retirement comes to every one of us sooner or later But whilst there is plenty to look forward to with retirement, there are also significant challenges to face. Meet those challenges head on with these five tips to create a retirement lifestyle that is healthy and productive.

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Do Medical Alert Systems Keep Seniors Safe?

This article explains how medical alert systems work and their importance for preventing senior falls. Next, the article covers who can benefit from them in both long-term and short-term use scenarios. Lastly, the basic and advanced features of medical alert systems are discussed.

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Are Colonoscopies Necessary for Older Adults?

This article looks at the risks of a colonoscopy in those over age 75. Potential complications of a colonoscopy in older adults are explored, along with the chances of complications occurring. Lastly, non-invasive colorectal cancer screening methods are discussed, as an alternative to a colonoscopy for seniors.

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Six Essential Factors to Consider Before Relocating After Retirement

Retirement comes with a host of decisions. One of the major ones is where to live. You might think it best to relocate to a completely new area or stay where you are. What factors should inform your decision?   

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Is Coffee Safe for Seniors?

This article discusses what happens when a senior drinks coffee. A safe caffeine level for older adults is covered, along with the negative side effects of drinking too much caffeine. Lastly, we look at when an elderly individual should drink decaf or limit their coffee consumption.

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Aging Smart: 12 Wise Tips to Keep Your Senior Brain Sharp

Worried about losing your smarts as you age? Don’t let the fear of mental decline discourage you. Learn how to be proactive about your cognitive well-being so you can keep your brain sharp and healthy during the senior years.

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