The two ways you can write for Constant Content

Once you’ve had your application accepted and you’ve received your confirmation email, you can start writing for us. There are two main ways that writers can sell their articles on Constant Content:

  1. Selling pre-written articles through our online catalog – You can write unique articles on topics that you know about and upload them to our catalog. Thousands of publishers search the catalog, and most articles tend to sell eventually. You can write on any subject you want, and the “writing ideas” section provides some guidance
  2. Custom content requests from customers – Many of our publishers have specific content needs, and they submit custom orders through the Constant Content system. You will have access to several different types of request, depending on your access level, experience and expertise, Find out more here

Both approaches can generate substantial sales for you. We recommend you start by adding ten articles to our catalog. This will get you an “access level” and also unlocks the messaging system so you can contact clients.

Make sure you visit the writer forum. There’s lots of help, hints, tips and advice for new writers to help you get the most out of the Constant Content platform.

Want help getting started with your account? Check out the Constant Content Quick Start Guide for Writers

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