Writing a great biography

Creating a great writer biography is one of the best ways to get customers interested in your writing. A professional bio helps you make a positive first impression and encourages Constant Content’s customers to find out more about your work.

This article will help you to:

Update your bio by going to “My profile” and clicking the “Change image / bio” button.

Want help getting started with your account? Check out the Constant Content Quick Start Guide for Writers

Upload a professional photograph

Start by uploading a professional photograph. A good, well-posed headshot transforms you from being an anonymous writer on the Internet into a real person. Make sure that:

  • You’re smiling in your photo
  • The photo is in focus, well framed and not too light or too dark
  • The background isn’t overly busy or distracting
  • You avoid “cute” or inappropriate pictures

Constant Content is a professional writer’s marketplace, so your profile picture should reflect that.

Create a brief introduction

Write a brief biography, explaining who you are and what you do. We recommend:

  • Using third-person voice; this sounds more professional, reinforces your name and adds authority to your bio
  • Using your natural writing style in your bio; this will help customers understand the approach and tone you use in your work (if you normally have a bright, engaging style, use that in your bio; it your work is more academic, write your intro with that in mind)
  • Keeping it relatively short. Aim to write between 80 and 120 words
  • Being clear, concise and natural; you could write a great bio in three or four sentences; see if you can get your point across in just a few words
  • Avoiding mentioning your personal website, portfolio or directing customers outside Constant Content. This is against our terms of service


Add relevant information to your bio

You should also add relevant background information on your experience and expertise.

  • Include any relevant qualifications, professional experience or skills (for example, if you write about legal topics and you have legal experience, be sure to include it)
  • Add areas where you have deep knowledge, expertise or experience
  • Think about adding other information that adds interest or makes your writing unique, but don’t overdo it


Check your bio for errors

Finally, you’ll need to be sure that your bio is free of any errors. A mistake in grammar, spelling, punctuation or wording can be disastrous in a writer’s bio.

  • Read and reread your bio several times
  • Be ruthless with your editing; only allow relevant, interesting information into your bio
  • Have a friend read your bio


Editing your biography and account

You can update your biography and image at any time.

You can also edit your account setting by clicking Edit My Account in the menu.

Here you can edit things like:

  • Your penname
  • Your address
  • Email settings
  • Password

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