The revision system


From time to time a client may ask you to make revisions to content you write for them.


With content that is for requests, we limit clients to 2 free revisions with the purchase of their content.  Clients can ask for these revisions either before or after they have purchased the content.


Any subsequent revisions will need to be completed at a price that you and the client agree to, and they will need to purchase an upgrade to their license before they are able to download the completed content.  You’re also free to provide additional revisions at no charge if you choose.  A client may send you an initial offer to complete their revisions; you are free to send a counter proposal to them which they can accept or reject.


If a client requests that you update content you have for sale in the catalog they are not entitled to any free revisions, and the two of you will need to agree on a price for the revisions to be done.  You are free to provide revisions for free in this case, and may want to mention in your bio that you’re willing to do so.

Responding to revision requests


  1. You will receive a notification from us that a client has requested a revision.  You can visit the My Revisions link in your account to view the request along with all previous requests.
  2. On the My Revisions page, click on the title of the document to see the details of the revision that has been requested.
  3. You’ll have the option to accept, reject, or counter a revision request.  If you reject or counter a request, it is sent back to the client and they’ll have to act before you can go any further in the process. *Note:  you cannot issue a counter offer for content you’ve done for requests on the first 2 rounds of revisions.
  4. Completing Revisions – once you’ve accepted a client’s revision request, click the Begin Revisions button to get started.  You’ll be taken to a screen that shows the details of the revision request, along with a content editor that will let you make changes to the content.
  5. As you make the changes the client has requested, be sure to click the Save Work button so your changes are saved in our database.  Once all changes are made, click the Submit Revision button to notify the client that the revisions are complete.
  6. The client will either accept the revisions, request additional revisions, or reject the content.

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