Constant Content is responsible for helping partners achieve their goals with quality content creation. This means we must attend to the evolving ecosystem and help clients and writers engage effectively while stewarding execution toward optimal outcomes. 

As we seek to be responsive to the marketplace,  we’re closely watching the newest developments regarding AI-generated content to understand how to best serve our clients and writers. Whether content submitted to our platform is augmented by AI or crafted purely by human skill, our quality standards remain firm: submissions must be original, factual, free of mechanical errors, readable, and engaging, and provide useful content to the reader that can be applied to their life or situation. Content that has issues with originality, coherency, accuracy, repetitive language, or bland and abstract writing will, as always, be rejected.

Google’s latest guidelines discourage content that’s generated primarily to manipulate search engine rankings rather than to be read by humans. However, they also assert that AI-supported content is acceptable if it serves the searcher’s needs by being accurate, well-written, and providing a useful answer to the query. Greater integration of AI tech into search engines such as Google means that keyword-laden, mass-produced AI content will be easier to detect and penalize; conversely, premium-quality content will continue to rank well however it was created. The takeaway is this: If the content submitted by writers is in any way generated by AI, it still needs to read well for a human audience.

AI-generated content is an emerging opportunity, so we are putting in measures that will require writers to self-identify content created with writing assistance from AI; we are also developing tools to ensure that content that shows a likelihood of being generated by AI is flagged for careful review and revision. When writers do their first audition for the platform, initial submissions that appear likely to have been generated by AI will be rejected; authors who falsely represent themselves as not using AI will be ejected from the platform.

Ultimately, the marketplace favors original, well-written, human-crafted content—and as such, so does Constant Content, whether at the application stage, in submissions for the Constant Content Marketplace, or for private requests.

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