Claiming and submitting articles for requests

If you want to submit articles for requests, it’s important to understand how the system works. This includes:

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Types of claimable request

Here’s how to claim requests; you’ll need to do this before you can submit an article for a custom request.

Public requests

  • All writers can submit content to “Calls For Articles” and “Casting Calls”

Pool requests

  • There are two different types of pool request, “Targeted” and “Project”
  • Targeted requests are assigned based on your skills and experience
  • Project requests are assigned when you’re a member of a project team
  • For these types of request, you’ll need to have at least ten articles accepted by our editors
  • To claim a pool request, you must have an access level, meet the qualifications, or be on the client’s project team
  • You can submit articles you’ve already written and which are in the catalog by clicking on “send message / attach article”
  • For all requests except “Calls For” articles you will need to click the “Claim” button next to a request before it will show up on your “Submit Content” page. Claiming a request tells the customer that you’re working on it, so it’s good practice to claim any requests you want to work on as soon as you can
  • Once content for a pool request has been approved by an editor, please go into the request and mark is as “Complete”


Private requests

  • Private requests are not visible to other writers. Once you read the request you may accept or decline the work. You should message the customer with your intent and you can also ask any questions; the private request system is a good way to manage an ongoing relationship with the client
  • Please claim private requests as soon as they come in. This will tell the client you’re working on their content. If you can’t complete a private request for some reason, please message the client to let them know and contact support
  • You can submit new content for a request by selecting the request you want on the “Submit Content” page
  • Please remember that you should never share personal contact information through any Constant Content messaging system; doing so can get your account suspended or cancelled
  • Please do not send content through the messaging system – Always use the request system
  • Please do not send articles that have not been edited or not gone through the Constant Content system; this will get your account suspended
  • Once an article you have submitted for a pool request has been approved by the editors, please mark the request as “complete.”
  • If you are submitting content for a project request, please check any files attached to the project


How to claim a request

There are two main ways to claim a request:

  • Submitting a new article for a request
  • Submitting an existing article for a request

To claim a request other than a public request, you must have an access level, meet the qualifications, have been assigned the request, or be on the client’s project team


Submitting a new article for a request

  1. Start by writing your article according to the guidelines that the customer has created
  2. Make sure that you follow all instructions in the request
  3. Visit the “Submit content” page
  4. Fill out all of the standard fields on the page
  5. On the “Is this for a request?” dropdown, select the type of request that your content is for
  6. Another box will pop up and you can select the specific request


  1. If a second box doesn’t pop up, you’ll need to go back and “Claim” the request on the “Requested content” page
  2. Complete the submission form as normal and “Submit” your article
  3. Our editors will prioritize articles that are submitted for requests
  4. Once your content has gone through our system, the customer will be notified and can purchase your article

If you’re submitting content for a project request, please do check any files attached to the project to ensure you’ve followed specific client instructions.

Submitting an existing article for a request

  1. You might already have written the perfect article for a request
  2. All of the unsold content that you’ve created is available through “My Content” under “My Account”
  3. Go to the “Requested Content” page, and you’ll see all of the available requested content
  4. Find the request that you want to submit an article for
  5. Click on “Send message / attach article”; if you don’t see “Send message / attach article”, you will need to “Claim” the request first
  6. The “New message” box will pop up
  7. Fill in all of the relevant fields
  8. Click on “Submit existing article for request”
  9. The “Document” field will pop up
  10. Click on “Document Look Up”


  1. You can then select the article you want to attach
  2. Fill in the message to the customer
  3. Click “Send message”
  4. The customer can then review and decide to purchase the article


Note: It’s fine to use the “Send message / attach article” option to send an existing article, but please do not paste the content of an article into a message to send it.

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